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There has to be a way

Discussion in 'General Forex Talk' started by mobius, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. mobius

    mobius Recruit

    Dec 8, 2009
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    Im new here, but I just wanted to post a question: Is there a relatively dependable way to trade forex and pull 150 to 250 pips/week out of the market without a rediculous drawdown?
    I have tried:
    Forex Rebellion
    Steinitz No loss EA
    Steinitz Fractal Breakout
    FAP Turbo
    Forex Annhilator
    Forex Ambush
    Sniper Forex
    FX Trend tracer
    FX Blaster.
    And I have returned all but megadroid, LMT and Forex Ambush, and I would have returned Forex Ambush if I could have.
    Im not looking to get out of the work of watching the markets, fib retracements or whatever, I just cant find a system that works consistently, and I know there has to be one out there. An EA would be great, but I think it might be wishful thinking for a set it and forget it system at this stage in history. I think an indicator system, mechanical is kind of what Im looking for, but again, anything that works. Im tired of screwing around with this and Im ready to make it work. I dont mind learning whatever I need to learn, of putting in whatever time I need to, Im an out of work contractor - time is what I have right now. Any ideas? Im just about at the end of my rope.

    I will put my reviews on all of these products on this forum in a day or 2:confused:

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