TraderXP SCAM!!



I decided to open a new account at TraderXP on the 5th Dec 2013. I opened the account and funded through Neteller with $150 (USD) and and a few minutes I added to the account another deposit of €200 (EUROS) from my credit card. I believe they will exchange my €200 Euros in USD Dollars (with the Euro at 1.38USD it will be $276 (USD) dollars. But they didn't, they simply add my $150 with the €200 and my account balance became $350 (it was a pity that they made a mistake to their favor).
I noticed the mistake and started a Live Chat with them, explaining all the process of funded the account. The person who was talking to me told me that she couldn't understand what I want and I asked to be contacted with my personal broker. I have asked for his name (Mr. Barry Milan) and asked to talk with him. I have been told he was not at the office but he would call me soon.
The next day, about 10:30AM, Mr. Barry Milan called me back and I explained him everything. He told me not to be worry because they didn't withdraw from my account the €200 but only the amount in Euros they need to make the $200 USD. Immediately I understood he was lying because he couldn't do so.
I said nothing at the moment and decided to way and see what this will lead me on. I decided not touch in my account until everything was definitely settled down but I enter the site almost every day to see if the balance was rectified. On the 12th of Dec 2013, I noticed that the balance was $20.75 and consulted my portfolio. Someone was trading with my account since days 10th, 11th and 12th and depleted my balance.
Immediately I send the below email to Mr.Barry Milan, with no reply:

Mr. Barry Milan

It's me Carlos, on behalf of my wife Catarina.
We spoke some days ago about my second deposit of €200 to my account which currency is in USD dollars. You said, about that deposit of €200, that you have done the exchange in USD dollars and so you have took from my bank account about €145. Well, that is not quite so because I have the confirmation from my bank that TraderXP didn't make any exchange at all and took from my account €200 and joined them to my account in USD dollars.
Worst than this is that someone had been trading with my account on the 10th, 11th and 12th of Dec and my balance, from $350, is now $20.75. This is very serious because I consider this a crime.
I attached screen shots of the portfolio, in which you can see that, the 1st one (traderxp01) is faked and in the rest (from traderxp02 to traderxp06) I would like to mention the Execution Date and the Expire Date. And it is very easy to know that it was not me who did all this trading, just check the IP of the computer used to trade.
So, Mr. Barry, I would like that you investigate this situation and make things right, that is, restore all my money to my account and also rectify the error rates of € 200."

I send this email at least 3 times, 2 to Mr. Barry Milan and the other one to TraderXP's Customers Care. No one replied me.
On the 18th Dec 2013, about 20:00PM I received a call from Mr. Sérgio Morais, a self called broker from TraderXP. He start talking as if nothing wrong was going on and asked me to invest more money in my account in order to trade with him. I didn't believe in what I was hearing and decided to level with him since it could be that this so called Mr. Sérgio Morais could know nothing about the case. Unbelievably, the guy insists that I should invest more money with TraderXP and let the past be forgotten. Seriously I became very offended with this behavior and told Mr. Sérgio Morais that if TraderXP didn't rectified the error until next Friday (the 20th Dec 2013) I will forgot my money and my case would be all over the Internet.
The next day, in the morning, Mr. Barry Milan called me back and his behavior was as if he didn't know nothing at all. He claimed he didn't received any email from me and asked me to wait a little while he would check his email box. Finally he found the email(s?) and he said that it was me who traded nobody else! He claimed that I used Auto Trading (it seems it is a bot they have for this cases :)) so it was my fault. So, I realized that whatever I could tell him to refute his words would be enough, so I hung up the phone.

Avoid to trading with this guys because, if they have the opportunity, they will scam you!



Lt. Colonel
Scam Scam Scam,,,,,,,, Its X-mas time and we are dealing with scams ................

Dear TradersXp Rep, Can you please explain this ?