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The Lazy Trader
Now's your chance to transform what many experience as a stressful, time consuming, costly exercise into a carefree and relaxing hobby.

The Lazy Trader™ is dedicated to helping time-strapped private traders become profitable with our signature style of “set-and-forget” trading, from at little as 10 minutes "work" a day!

The good news is, you can do this WITHOUT spending THOUSANDS.

Our flagship trader training program, ULTIMATE™, is valued at $1997, you can gain access for $1 (offer open: this week only).


Here’s What You Will Receive

  • Our highly sought after world-class training (valued at $1,997) that will train you from beginner to a professional, consistently profitable trader.
  • A style of trading that works for all asset classes
  • You'll discover a totally unique way to get incredible trading results... even though you'll probably be working less than ever on that part of your “trading business”.
  • You will master how to successfully trade foreign exchange, stocks and commodities in any market.
  • You will have exclusive access to our set-and-forget trade ideas (all of which offer high profit potential) so that you can be sure that we practise what we preach. We do not broadcast a trade idea to our clients unless we are trading in on our account.
  • View the market through the lens of The Lazy Trader with our weekly Market Insider™ and Global View™ webinars.
  • You will be taught highly effective strategies, both basic and advanced, all dedicated to beating the banks at their own game: read and analyse markets with the rare winners.
  • ·Access to all Lazy Trader Strategies (Basic and advanced): Price action-based trading with timeframe correlation, supply and demand trading
  • Access to seasoned, STA Accredited mentors who will handhold you along the pathway to profitable trading.
  • Transform a costly, stressful, loss-making mistake into a carefree, highly lucrative hobby.
  • Always feel supported and never alone with your trading as a part of our rapidly growing, moderated online community.
  • Access our state-of-the-art online trader training portal which offers: one-to-one mentoring, video training, podcasts, webinars, quizzes and flipbooks.
  • In excess of 25+ hours’ concise video tutorials and flipbooks and trading podcasts…and growing!
  • VIP Access to The Lazy Trader's Inner Circles™
  • Our team has over 45 years experience trading financial markets so, relax, you will be in safe hands. Our mentors have all received accreditation by the Society of Technical Analysts.
  • Exclusive proprietary indicators and learning materials to accelerate your learning: Trade Voyager™: Pattern recognition software, the Trading Zen™: Trader hypnosis audio course, and our Wealth Programming audio course.
  • Measure and apply your learning with our interactive, modular quizzes.
  • Flexible learning – anytime from anywhere in the world 24/7…365 days a year!
  • Traders University™: receive a professional qualification at the end of your training in the form of a university-style certificate.
  • Full iron clad guarantee - if you are not 100% satisfied we will give you a full questions asked!
(More info on the Ultimate programme HERE)

Sign-up normally $252 - NOW REDUCED TO $1…for this week only!!

...Access all for $1. Yes! You read right. Instead of paying our online price of $252, we will fund your enrolment fee onto this highly sought after subscription program, which then costs $160per month after 30 days.

To Claim your place...

1. Sign up to the Ultimate™ programme
2. Read the T&Cs
3. Type in promocode: fpa615 into the promo-code box to generate your exclusive discount.
4. Proceed through checkout
5. And enjoy the fun with us!
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Here's what people have said:

I’ve really enjoyed their approach to trading and it’s definitely one of the best I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a lot). I think they provide the complete package. Their education materials were excellent; clear and easy to follow. Marketscope reinforcing the education And the actual signals and rationale… walking people through the analysis and setups. I think it’s the best way to learn… so many educators don’t do this; many only review trades in hindsight.
Alan R, London, United Kingdom

The service offered is fantastic and I have been very impressed with the content and delivery of the service offered.
Andy Mitchell, London, United Kingdom

Rob of the Lazy Trader has been helping me with my trading now for over 6 months, during this time I have been impressed with the quality and quantity of useful trading information, with detailed follow ups on how the trades ran and why we did as we did, all helping with my continued education as a trader. I look forward to working with Rob and all the new exciting areas he's working on.

Matt Cox, Hampshire, United Kingdom

I do think Lazy Trader's general approach to trading, coaching and their business model in general is the most honest and credible I have come across in the business. If you are looking to start out in trading or have had a bad experience then and become disillusioned then I would recommend following the Lazy Trader.

Harry , London, United Kingdom

I really like the lazytrader because the site is easy to navigate and Rob always keeps me posted with potential setups. I haven't placed alot of orders this month. but can't blame the market for not doing what we want. I really like the market scope. I`m checking my inbox the whole weekend for it. I would definitly recomend The Lazytraders to any one who is serious about trading the forex market. The value is way more than the price

Omar, Leiden, Netherlands

Heck, if you’re not 100% happy with what your Ultimate Membership will give you, we will even refund your $ questions asked!

In fact, you have nothing to lose.

Save yourself a ton of money,
safe in the knowledge that in the highly unlikely event that you’re not totally happy...

Fancy it? HURRY, because this offer is only open for this week. Then it will close for good.


To Claim your place...

1. Sign up to the Ultimate™ programme
2. Read the T&Cs
3. Type in promocode: fpa615 into the promo-code box to generate your exclusive discount.
4. Proceed through checkout
5. And enjoy the fun with us!
==> Click here to become a part of our rapidly growing trading community!

Acting FAST will gain you access, SAVING YOU THOUSANDS!

See you on the other side.

To your success,

The Lazy Trader™


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This offer comes with a 30 day refund guarantee. Please make sure to use the promo code given above for this offer.

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PS: To take advantage of this offer, make sure to select the Ultimate Program. Then scroll down and enter fpa615 to get the special $1 trial rate.
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