What kind of news should I pay attention to?


Private, 1st Class
It is pretty hard to predict whether the news will have a strong impact on the market or not. It requires certain experience in analysing the news. As for me, I pay attention only to those news which are highly discussed, they are usually labeled as breaking news. It is something like NFP, OPEC related news, some economic reports and so on.


Traders should primarily focus on macroeconomics news which can include changes in interest rates, inflation, unemployment levels or retail income of a specific country. These kinds of news have a significant impact on the market sentiment and adding it to technical and fundamental approaches can spot many opportunities.
It is really hard to be a success in fundamental analysis because you've got to know the economics and the factors which drive the prices. It is okay to do when it comes about investing in stocks, but I cannot imagine analysing the news about currencies. I believe that practically any news may affect the market in the most unpredictable way. I pay attention only to some most important events like NFP or OPEC+ or COVID statistics and something like that.