When we can trade without stop loss?


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Some people prefer to avoid stop loss because if it's not placed properly it can just lead to more trouble than solve a problem. It really depends on the trader.


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You're welcome. I think it's important to be mentioned that the stop loss is usually used as a calculated part of a planned strategy, rather than just randomly placed.
Yes, sure, and since I was used to trading only using strategies and risk managment, the absence of stop-loss surprised me :)


That’s a very very risky proposition. It is very tempting to stay put, just a little more while, waiting, hoping the trade to reverse. However, more often than not, that remains elusive. A successful trader needs to have lot of discipline and the first rule of trade is set your risk appetite.


Point taken. Yet, that is still not a good enough reason to not put a stop loss. Proper placement of stop loss would come with experience. An in-depth analysis of charts would gradually help you master the art of putting stop loss. And rest assured, it would not lead to more problem than it can solve.!


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Yes just use stop loss will not help , trader should do practice when how and at how many pips he can use this tool to get its benefits. This tool saves you from big loss but not proper placement will cause a loss when you use it without good analysis . It will hit and cause sure loss. trading to your side will not hit SL then one can get pips from trading.


I aware SL is very important for our trades to keep the losses don't go further. But is there any chance to trade without SL? Good fund management?
It is widely not advised or done by those who are consistently successful. Sometimes it's very tempting to do it though. And I admit I did it with my personal accounts when I started. Did I benefit from it? In general, no I didn't. I had one time where I lost a lot of money as I couldn't log in to my mt4 for some hours. Lol.
But I've stopped that practice thanks to the discipline instilled in me from books and the prop find I work with called Blufx. Knowing that I have such a big capital to work with allows me to let go of a losing trade and move on to better opportunities.