Withdrawal failure with FOREX-METAL


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Please help me withdraw my funds from Forex-Metal.

I have my funds of 33938.88 USD in the account of 56626.
Even though I made a withdrawal request to them on May 31th, I have not received it yet. I have contacted to support and payment office many times via email, live chat, skype, and phone. They often neglected my emails, even live chat sometimes.
They told me to just wait. They NEVER told me any clues of the withdrawal process. NOBODY provided their names maybe to avoid taking responsibility.

The payment office said that the Forex-Metal cannot process the request soon because its finance was affected by Liberty Reserve incident. They seems to have a lot of money in it. I do not think it a good idea to deposit them now, since they won't process your withdrawal.

I also contacted the regulation organization, IFSC.
International Financial Services Commission
No email came back so far.

May 23 - 1st withdrawal request of 20,000 USD
May 31 - 2nd withdrawal request of 18938.88 USD (felt suspicious without any reply)
Jun 3 - received 5,000 USD
Jun 20 -They said Skrill caused a problem. I told my bank detail to be wired.
Later on - many contact more than 30, but told to just wait, or neglected.

Here I attach the script of live chat on Aug. 6th as an example.
03:36:33: *Forex-Metal: Hello. How can I help you?
03:36:58: *You: Hello, I want to know the progress of my fund withdrawal.
03:37:40: *You: How long will it take to get my funds?
03:39:31: *You: I made the withdrawal request on May 31th, and I have not received that yet. So, I am very worried about it.
03:43:41: *You: Where are you?
03:43:45: *Forex-Metal: You need to refer this question to Payments Department payments@forex-metal.com
03:44:14: *You: I have already sent many emails to them.
03:44:42: *You: No reply has come back.
03:45:53: *Forex-Metal: They will reply
03:45:57: *Forex-Metal: I have sent reguest
03:46:18: *You: Thanks,
03:46:28: *You: but could I have your name, please?
03:46:46: *Forex-Metal: What is your account number?
03:47:11: *You: My account number is 56626
03:47:19: *Forex-Metal: Please, submit a ticket with your account number and questions, we will reply as soon as possible Forex Metal - Knowledge base - Submit new ticket
03:48:05: *You: Actually, I had the same situation before.
03:48:33: *You: But they did not clarify when they will send me my funds.
03:49:17: *Forex-Metal: Please, submit the ticket.
03:49:48: *Forex-Metal: The Payment Department will clearify the issue after getting the ticket. Thank you.
03:49:55: *You: Do you know anything about this problem? Are there people in the same situation?
03:50:56: *You: I am not going bother you, but want any clue to make this issue.
(end of chat)

After the chat, no reply came back.


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Not any responses from Forex-Metal yet. I would like to bring this to the traders court
before the withdrawal delay reaches to FOUR month...


Gather up every email address you can find for Forex-Metal. Let them know about this thread in Scam Alerts and invite them to come here and publicly address the issue. Let them know you will keep it up to date and will let people know what they say or if they fail to respond.


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I sent them invitations to this thread. I will post the progress.
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