www.gtcfx.com (Global Trading Services) Scam !!


Dear FPA Team,

I have been scammed by Global Trading Services Co LTD located in London (Regent's Place, 338 Euston Road, London
NW1 3BT). I enclosed registration letters.

Their website is www.gtcfx.com, and it seems not active sice 12/05/2013. also their telephone numbers +44 20 33180305 and
+44 20 34045739 not exist any more.

Please help me to get these people before they continue in under other names.

Name of Company: Global Trading Services Co LTD

Address: London Regent's Place, 338 Euston Road, London NW1 3BT

Website: www.gtcfx.com


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Seychelles, but claiming a UK address.

Time to notify the authorities in both countries. Don't wait, do it immediately.
That doesn't even look like an office: Google Maps :)
What even funnier is that if you will search for the address: "338 Euston Road, London NW1 3BT" you will find that there are so many companies on that little tent enough to build a skyscraper :p

It looks like a classic scam&run fraud company. There is no much to do but to inform the authorities as Pharaoh said. I think if we can do an investigation and share information here it can help.
Also report the whois registrant although I am not sure it will help a lot.

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, LLC
Domain Name: GTCFX.COM

Domains By Proxy, LLC

Domain servers in listed order:

See Business Registration Listing
Copy and paste the link below to view additional details:
You searched for Regent Place:
look well in the screenshot I attached and Regent Place in a tiny little store infront of that building (I searched also in google arabic) :)
To be brutally honest, your chances of recovering your money from a company hiding behind false addresses is very slim.

I don't even know to whom you can direct your complaints to because their registered addresses are probably false. You might try to google search the Seychelles authorities and try to file your complaint with them....but I wouldn't place too much faith that you will get any positive response.

At best, I would say you take this as an expensive lesson and, in future, to carry out a thorough research into the company you plan to put your money in.
Totally agree.
The Seychelles offershore policy is to be full confidential and even a direct request by The Supreme Federal Court or the FBI won't make them reveal this information.
Dear RahmanSL,

I beleive that alway there is hope even with Cancer Disease. Victims need to be help not blame. Even if they hide their selves in the bottom of 7th earth , I will get them. But I want to use official and political ways before the second choice.
I understand your frustration but there is nothing to do given only their Seychelles registration, as I said before no court in the world will make them reveal any information.
Speaking about the papers you attached: do you have the shareholders certificate? or the 1st board of directors minutes? This can help.
If there is more information you can share here it should make things go forward, like name of employees you dealt with or anything.