www.saber.com Scam

I begin with this company in DEC 2014 with deposit 2550 $ by master card and lost it in down of EUR/USD. Then , My account manager in this company (Kair alabbdulah) call me about my account and say there is good chances to Compensation you money but deposit more than 5000 $ and he will give me bonus and manage my account and give me 25-45% / Month ..
I happy for this and deposit Approximately 5000 $ (20000SR) sending by cashU cards after one month he raise the account about 3% and call me again about the account if I wont 45% must more deposit at least sum of the account with bonus 15000 $ . Then, I complete the sum about all deposit Approximately 10000 $ by olso sending cashU cards and he give me bonus about 4700$ . After 2 month my account with out bonus 122227 $ and he call me again to deposit more to get 45% / month . then I thinking to take all my fund (money) and return deposit with master card to more save of my money ..
Then I call hem about this and I say " I need my money stop manage and send it by wire transfer " in April 2015 . he said OK .
I am wait to send no change in account. then , I send to the company support after trying by web site an email to send mu money more than 5 emails. In 7/5/2015 bonus out , In 9/5/2015 balance out (122227 $) .. to today I dont take my many ..
I try a lot to ask about trans action no body answer me ..
be for 1 week he call me again and tell me about Company Bankruptcy and it is big scam .. and he work leave
How can I get my money ? Please I need help..


Are you sure about that domain name? Saber.com shows up as a technology consulting firm. The homepage looks the same now as it did in early 2014.

First, report this to CashU. This may not get your money back, but could at least make it harder for them to steal from others.

Second, gather every scrap of data you can find. Check with your bank about where that early credit card deposit went. Then ask your bank and local police if there's anywhere to report online financial fraud in your country.


Master Sergeant
from the looks of the site, its as empty as it gets, its really scary, pls do try to get all the informations especially regarding the person you are talking to, even if he leaves the company (or did he really) but he is your link, do consult with your bank and ucash just like what pharaoah said.