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Problem Yum Forex (Han Global) has cheated me $110.000

I am having an issue with a company
December 2021, I met a girl from China via Tinder, and we quickly switched to whatsapp.
Her residence is supposed to be in Guangzhou. Assumed name “Arya”, whatsapp Nº +852 6632 6923

She supposedly earns a lot of money daily in gold investment using the well-known MT4 trading platform. At first I don't show her any interest until, after a few days, I feel curious and ask her how she got into the market, and she tells me her story and how she met her teacher. The broker she operates is Han-forex (later crm.yum-forex.com). She tells me that she will teach me how to use it for free, although learning takes time. She regularly keeps in sync with her teacher, a certain Mr Xie who resides in Germany and with whatsapp number +49 1577 9153324. She will teach me how it works, she doesn't ask me to put any money on the platform.
After a few days, I voluntarily decide to test her market and invest 200 euros in the account of the broker in question. We sync trades almost daily and my profits are approx. $30 a day. After a short time I invest 1,000 euros; synchronizing with her I earn about 80 dollars a day. Our whatsapp messaging begins to be very intense and daily. We talk about everything, we make jokes, we worry about each other, etc., in principle from Monday to Friday, but soon we also chat on Saturdays and Sundays.
We talked morning, noon and night for 6 months. She tells me that she wants us to meet, that I am a pure soul and that I deserve her help to live better. She even made some merit to become friends with my mother.

There is a moment when I have my doubts about the operation of the platform, and I tell him that I want to withdraw my funds. She guides me step by step and we do it together that same day. She reassures me that I can withdraw my money at any time. Later I ask the bank for a loan of 5,000 euros, and I put it in the account. My account is now at $8,500. Synchronizing with her makes me earn about 350 dollars a day. One day she tells me “today I will introduce you to my teacher and you are going to work directly with him”, and she gave me her contact so that I could add it to my agenda. The professor explained to me the conditions and his commission (10%) to be able to operate with him, which were very logical. We did a single trade with the professor using another crypto quote, and I made a $1,200 profit at one point. I was really amazed. However, he told me that my account funds were too small to work with him, and told me to come back when I had $100,000 in my account.

Given the development of the business, I sold my apartment, rented a room to live in and transferred 98,000 euros to my Binance.com account (site where cryptocurrencies are deposited). Now all I had to do was send the money from there to the Yum-global account, and Arya guided me to do it (there was also a WhatsApp chat with a customer support company account, with WhatsApp Nº +44 7444 801917).
On Friday 05/17/22 I sent 100,465 usdt (98,000 euros) from Binance to the (unique) address provided in the broker's support chat
Bank Address(TRC20):

Creating a (unique) transaction number on Binance.

I never heard anything again. Nobody answers in the chats and the money never went to my account.

On the other hand, I was also unable to recover the $9,386 I had in the broker's account.
In total I have been swindled out of $109,851.
The previous name of this fraud platform is ZORO Global Limited and it changed to Yum Group Global Ltd on Dec. 28th, 2021. Former website: https://zoro-forex.com
In june 2021 I contacted a broker that I did not know was fraudulent (Zoro Global, [URL=zoro-forex.com) to make investments. The contact was provided to me by a person who I met through social networks.
I made a transfer of 20,000 eur to this account:
IBAN: LT943120023810001722
The broker open to me a MT4 account
I did some operations and on 5 jul 2021, i asked the broker to make a withdrawal of 25000 USD. On 7 Jul 2021 they told me they Transfer was sent from an England Bank (Lloyds) but the money never arrived and the voucher he sent to me was false.

I reported this to UK Police, Lithuanian Police, Spanish Lawsuit, CNMV in Spain.
The scammers phone numbers are:
I know this one of the many examples of scams done by one the many fases companies created in UK without control, maybe by the same criminals.