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Have you ever wanted to know what is blockchain technology, what is crypto mining, what is crypto wallet, how different bitcoin is from other crypto currencies. More importantly, how to profit from trading in investing in cryptos. You find the answers to these and other hot crypto topics here.


Bitcoin Fundamentals Briefing, October 2019 Bitcoin Fundamentals Briefing, October 2019

Breaking the Mid-Autumn Slumber. October 2019 All summer, the Bitcoin market was primed for big shifts. The headlines were mostly promising, looking forward to Bitcoin options, a Bakkt futures launch, institutional investors entering with new money, and so on. There were also many reports about blockchain and cryptocurrency applications in spheres beyond trading, as well as optimistic …

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What is the Best Cryptocurrency to Mine What is the Best Cryptocurrency to Mine

For those who don’t know, mining is the process of using your computing power to support the network of a cryptocurrency and verify transactions. For cryptocurrencies which use proof of work – the miners’ computers perform mathematical computations which are very difficult to perform but easy to validate, and this is the system by which new transactions are validated and added to the blockchain.

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