1. A

    4xp.com ( Forex Place ) - SCAM

    4xp.com - SCAM. I had a bad experience with 4xp.com. I was trading with them about three months and made a good profit. After that I got e-mail from 4xp.com. It says : ``Thanks for your quick response. We have decided to delete your trades as a result of arbitrage. I hope that this will...
  2. F

    4Xp=ITCFX=IBCFX=ITNFX same peoples same SCAMMMM!!!!

    We need to stop these peoples to still money and run away!!! Many web sites with the same persons on the back. STOp,STOP,STOP SCAMMERS!!!!!ITCFX Broker,attenzione TRUFFA!!!!
  3. D

    4xp withdrawal problem

    I tried to withdraw money (890 Euro) from my account (3050248) because i need it for private matters. It was 1 month ago but i never got it. Before deposing money i was told by the manager John Green that i could always get my money back but he doesn't even reply anymore. Later i got a german...
  4. C

    4XP Forex Place Ltd.: They don't give me my money back!!!!!

    4XP Forex Place Ltd.: They don't give me my money back!!!!! Hello guys! I traded on 4xp broker since april 2013. Now I have to pay some debts inside my family. So what I wanted, was the money from my trading account to be withdrawed, so I can pay the debts. I'm waiting for my money for...
  5. J

    4XP SCAM - No withdraws - investigated by their Regulator

    I am an IB for the company. I have introduced a lot of clients but most of them lost their money. One of my clients Charis, managed to gain in his account. He made a withdrawal request on the 16th of July. Since then, I have tried contacting my account manager Ron Gibson without any reply! Tried...
  6. J

    RESOLVED www.4xp.com issue

    Admin, please delete this thread, problems solved. Thank you. 4xp activate my account again and i see my money now i make a deposit 111 $ fixing problem thanks for your site
  7. C

    Refund from 4xp.xcom

    I have requested for a withdrawal of my Money on 11th June 2012 Monday and today's Thursday and I haven't seen the Money been credited back... What is the problem.. Their Representative said there is a issue with LR, create a Money Booker A/c we'll transfer the Money to Money Booker.. I created...
  8. J

    4xp Scam

    4xp does not send you your money and they do not adhere to the contracts they make with the clients and with the affilliates.
  9. J

    4xp scam with affilliates

    4xp made an affilliate contract with me which they did not live up to after I referred 2 customers.
  10. G

    Scam alerts with 4XP

    I give some money to 4XP for a trading making by theirself. 4 month later they have spend my money, That's a bad circumstance they said, your broker doesn(t work any more by 4XP. They ask now that I put again money , they will win more than my loose????? Tehy told also that ahad a deal...
  11. J

    4XP Where is my money???

    One month ago I gave some money to 4XP for a trading making by theirself. I tried to open an account with no success because the copy of my credit card was not perfect (I sent 5 times with different resolution...ridiculous)...so...I closed my account and ask for my money back... I'm still...
  12. C

    Probleme 4xp

    Bonjour, Il me semble avoir un soucis avec 4xp (forex place). Il me manque des fonds dont j'ai fait la demande de retrait il y a quelques jours. Pensez vous qu'il s'agit d'une escroquerie ou d'un manque de communication de leur part? (Hello, I think I have a problems with 4XP (forex place)...
  13. C

    Issue Forex Place -w. 4xp.com - RESOLVED

    Problems solved with Forex Place -w. 4xp.com.
  14. The Tramp

    4XP Withdrawal issues - Resolved

    Hello, I opened a DEMO account via 4XP. The next day I was contacted by Sara Ferrari (sarafe@4xp.com) where she leniently convinced to make a deposit, which was done in february for an amount of € 1000. A couple of days later I repented and asked for a withdrawal. I talked about it to Sara...
  15. S


    I am trading with 4xp(Forex Place) for the last 8 months & in the beginning i was losing Money. When I was losing money 4xp is very happy & my Account manager Alan Morris used to call me everyday for new deposits. From the month of february, I have made a good profits that my money USD 500...
  16. Djamel

    4XP switzerland

    My problem with 4XP has been resolved. Thanks to FPA.-----------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. B

    4xP issue - Resolved

    I opened a 5000 USD Account (136299) with 4xp by the month of January 2011 under managed accounts type.. I opened through a person called Jake hamer. They promised that they will do atleast 20 trades per month, but they did 5 trades in 2 months... From Jan - March 2011 they did 7 trades &...
  18. S

    4XP is scam?? www.4xp.com

    Hello, i am italian trader. I have opended live account with Forex Place 4XP I have two account. One with for automatic trading with 4xpert and one for metatrader use. With last account i have received "2nd chance bonus" of 2500 us dollars. Now i have traded 500 lots and i want to withdrawal...
  19. W

    "No-risk contract"

    I've signed "No-risk contract" on 4XP broker. They've prepared so shrewdy acc. for this contract (so big margin, and other parameter's), that it was no chance to trade succesful. When I confirm circumstances, I determine fill up obligatory number of trades, and to withdrawn my depo. But it...
  20. P

    4xp.com takes your money little by little

    I wanted to tell you how some brokers cheat you in little amounts, but in my opinion they should not get away with that. Firstly, they are cheating mostly people who probably do not have a lot of money to begin with so this small amounts could mean no Christmas gift for a child this year...