1. L

    GUILTY Case# 2013-120 | looxfx vs www.4xp.com

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: www.4xp.com My Case is: I made profit with 4xp and i want to withdrawal my funds. My account number is 3052450. I want to withdrawal 25236 USD. I made withdrawal requst in April 2013, but i never received my funds. I...
  2. L

    4xp don´t proceed withdrawal

    Hello, my account number is 3052450.I want to withdrawal 25236.83 USD, but 4xp don´t proceed it. My account manager Don Marx is not interested to solve my problem, i can no longer reach him.
  3. D

    GUILTY Case# 2013-119 | Distinction vs www.4xp.com/

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: www.4xp.com/ My Case is: I tried to withdraw money (890 Euro) from my account (3050248) because i need it. It was 1 month ago but i never got it. Before deposing money i was told by the manager John Green that i could...
  4. R

    4XP Withdrawal Issue

    Following recent bad publicity regarding 4xp I decided to withdraw my money (USD 5.5k) on September 16. In addition to sending a withdrawal request I have asked them by mail to close my account 659965(Nexus managed account) and requested the remaining funds to be returned. Have tried to get...
  5. S

    4xp not refunding

    I received confirmation on the 21/08/13 of my request $5000 to date heard nothing they will not reply to my e mails,did get a reply on face book when I asked if they were going bust to which they replied 4xp is most definitely not going bust ?????
  6. Yourejough

    Hello everyone you could give me some advice?

    I am new to forex and i relied to some people that i hope they are serious. One of these is called sara ferrari and works as an account manager for 4xp.com. It seemed like a very kind and knowledgeable. Has anyone ever used this site, you have advice for me?
  7. W

    GUILTY Case# 2013-110 | wadad Saad vs www.4XP.com

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: www.4XP.com My Case is: I opened a protective account at 4XP and I deposited $10000. This account allows me to get my money back if I loose the whole sum with the condition that I don't make any withdraw during that...
  8. W

    4XP Scam alert

    I opened a protect account at the 4XP which guarantee the refund of the deposit in case you loose the whole sum under the condition that you don't withdraw any sum before the lost of your money. I lost the whole deposit which is $10000 and the company refused to give me back the money as was...
  9. H

    4XP is not paying

    Hello, we are having problems with 4xp, our account manager, Sara Ferrari, isn't answering to any email or phone calls. We are trying to withdraw our account without any results. Can someone here please give us a telephone number we can use to speak to someone? Maybe that one in jerusalem you...
  10. H

    4xp.com not giving my withdrawal

    Respected All, I would like to inform you that 4xp.com is a scam company, i have been requesting my withdrawal from last 3 months, my account manager naseer himself cancel my withdrawal request and now at the end he has stopped replying to my email, whenever i call 4xp they say call us in next...
  11. F

    GUILTY Case# 2013-108 | Frank76 vs 4xp.com

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: www.4xp.com/de/support My Case is: I've been trying now for several weeks to withdraw 8.300 USD from my trading account No. 140731. Instead of sending the money the company comes up with weird excuses such as: - The...
  12. F


    4xp I've been scammed by 4xp - Forex Place. They refuse to pay out my money for several weeks.
  13. H

    GUILTY Case# 2013-107 | hamzanajam vs www.4xp.com

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: www.4xp.com My Case is: i opened an account with them 3057081 is my account number mr naseer is my account manager, firstly they didnt let me trade for 1 month stating me that they are verifying the documents, after...
  14. Thavey1972

    I SPAM FOR 4xp.com

    Hello everyone, let me introduce myself, i am a new trader and recently i looked out into this world. Not knowing much about this market i slingshots on the first site i found, wrong thing you should always inquire. Anyway i went on 4xp.com and i signed up. I had quite a few problems in doing...
  15. Woulter

    4xp problems

    Hello, I've read many bad reviews on the web about 4xp broker and me also I have not found comfortable with them in the past. I had many problems both in the registration process to open a real account, it seems that they require some guarantees and documents, absurd! It is me that I should ask...
  16. I

    4XP scam

    Hello, This is the 3rd time I am posting to FPA about my problem with 4XP and hopefully it will be published. My name is Isabela Drobota and I have account number 3058490 with 4XP. My IB (fxrebate.eu) had an agreement with 4XP ( I have all the e-mails prooving that) that for their promotion...
  17. V

    4xp forex place - withdrawal's big problem

    I’m Italian trader and two years ago i have opened an account on 4xp (3002251) The May 14 i requested the withdrawal of 10.000,00 dollars from my account. After my request, i have called many time 4XP ITALIA and i spoken with Jacky Barilla, Marco Felici, Laura Ferri e Sara Ferrari. Each of...
  18. J

    4xp has gone

    my account with 10425 USD was inaccessible. my account manager is gone. 4xp customer service live chat or email has gone. 4xp's phone has pulled into machines only. it is time to see some actions from FPA now.
  19. S

    4XP changes contract rules without telling to clients

    4XP changes contract rules without telling to clients Hi, (Title should be without "to") I opened several trading accounts with 4XP and the first accounts had a contract saying that in case of withdrawal before required lots are completed (I received 100% bonus) client loses the bonus and can...
  20. R

    4XP - Cannot get my money back

    4XP - Cannot get my money back I gave notice to withdraw my fund from my 4XP account on 22 January 2013. I was told it would take 7 -10 days which is rediculous but still no money and no one can tell me where my money is yet it left my trading account early last week already. Can anyone help me.