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Problem 4xp.com not giving my withdrawal

I am having an issue with a company


Respected All,
I would like to inform you that 4xp.com is a scam company, i have been requesting my withdrawal from last 3 months, my account manager naseer himself cancel my withdrawal request and now at the end he has stopped replying to my email, whenever i call 4xp they say call us in next week for get update about withdrawal, this is scam cpompany
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4xp is behaving really badly with customers when it comes to withdraw funds.
I think that you need to provide more details and invite them to answer here (usually they don't but give it a try).
did you file a court case?
My account number is 3057081, Mr Naseer is account manager, withdrawal amount is 698 dollars, i have filled the case as well , please invite them or declare them scam, they are really treating traders very badly
my account number is 3057081, my withdrawal amount is 698 USD, the last request i made for withdrawal was on 13 august and account manager is naseer alsayegh, please send them invite or declare them scam, i have already filed a case against them
Go ahead and sent your own invitation to every address you can find for them. Ask them to come to this thread and explain what's going on.
i have done already but they are not replying to any of the email, someone from admin team need to send them official invite
They send me the 25% of my deposit back, i don't know if they are coming back on the right road.