Issue Forex Place -w. - RESOLVED


Before signing anything, demand that 4XP clearly define the arbitrage they accuse you of. If you and your group were committing direct violations of well-defined rules in the TOS, 4XP may have the right to cancel profitable trades. Go ahead and get screenshots of the 4XP TOS from their website NOW so they can't change it to ban your trades after the fact.

If all of this was deposited by bank wire, contact your banks and ask them to let you know the best way to place fraud charges from your country. Don't file yet, but get the information handy.

Considering the amounts of cash involved, you may want to consider legal representation.


I was scammed by ( Forex Place ) - SCAM.
I had a bad experience with I was trading with them about three months and made a good profit. After that I got e-mail from
It says : ``Thanks for your quick response. We have decided to delete your trades as a result of arbitrage. I hope that this will suffice.``
I asked them to explain what they mean under ``result of arbitrage`` but they did not reply. I traded just one currency pair most of the time. Now I can see that do not like if someone can get profit. My profit was about $ 3200 and they decided to delete those money.
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I think is scam company

HEllo, i have same problem. I have requested money and they have sended me not all in my account.
They say money is in my bank account but this is not real.
I think Forexpeacearmy must mark FOREX PLACE like scam company so customers not use this company
Problem solved with Forex Place

Hello, i am really satisfied because i have solved problem with Forex Place.
My account manager Jackie Barilla have solved all problem for me and i have received all money without problem.
Next week i can remake trading with forex place-
Thank you, Jackie