1. V

    Problem I am a Victim of Forexgen, I was stolen my deposit money!!!!

    This is not a black mail. This is the truth of FOREXgen's economic crime. As you know, FOREXgen is forex broker. Unfortunately, FOREXgen may be a scammer and economic criminal. They do not always return trader's money. I'm the one, too. I send to their e-mail 15 times until today, but they...
  2. C

    Problem ForexGen

    This is Calvin Jackson. I am new to this forum. I had an account with ForexGen for several months. Last month, I tried to close this account. I was sent an email requesting information regarding the account that the money was to be sent. I complied and to this day, I haven't received my...
  3. T

    Problem forexgen( is a scammer help me !

    forexgen(ForexGen - Online Forex Trading | is a scammer, and their competition is scammer also. I got the first at April compectition, and got the $250 reward,and finish 50 lots according to their requirement to make withdraw, but first they request me to pay 30% fees , but I did...
  4. Scam Investigations Committee

    Problem Three confirmed scam cases against one broker

    Greetings to our fellow soldiers, We, the members of the FPA Scam Investigations Committee, have confirmed a 3rd scam case against ForexGen. Once again, they have stolen money from a trader. This time, they claim there were hostile activities that justified them extracting 100% of all of his...
  5. A

    Problem Forexgen stole my 3,6k $ - theft officially confirmed

    Forexgen confiscated my profit - 3,6k $ I am now official victim of Fxgen. They gave back only my initial deposit of 5,4k but refused to get back my profit of 3,6k. They are trying to make bandit of me. Two days before transferring of my 5,4k, they informed me I'm responsible for hostile...
  6. S

    Problem Forexgen has scammed me for a LOT!

    Hello- I have been scammed by Forexgen for a lot of money. Forexgen froze my account and literally wiped out $48,000 in profitable trades. They sent me an email saying their bank had a liquidity issue and they were not going to honor my profitable trades. They then said they would send back...
  7. Pharaoh

    Problem ForexGen - Another style of scam

    NOTE TO MODERATORS: This issue is separate and distinct from the other issues regarding ForexGen, and thus I feel it deserves it's own thread. NOTE TO ALESSANDRO: This is only for discussion your advertising practices. Please confine your comments to this thread's topic. In light of...
  8. N

    Problem I am also victum of forexgen

    Hi everyone, Only reason, I joined forexpeacarmy is that I am also victum of They are not returning my $975. My account number is 5011889. I never did a single trade. Just got suspecious and requested to withdraw my money on Dec 14,07. Have not gotton anything yet. I am very...
  9. F

    Problem FOREXGEN.COM SCAM Alert! Broker stole over $160K from our trader!

    This is Felix. I wanted to share a very disturbing story with you... Though I can't guarantee that this is the truth, but from my investigation and my understanding it seems a very legitimate story. One of the subscribers of by the name of Rashid has been trading with...