I am a Victim of Forexgen, I was stolen my deposit money!!!!

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This is not a black mail.
This is the truth of FOREXgen's economic crime.

As you know, FOREXgen is forex broker.
Unfortunately, FOREXgen may be a scammer and economic criminal.
They do not always return trader's money.
I'm the one, too.

I send to their e-mail 15 times until today, but they never contact me.
It is very very rudeness!!!
In Japan, such a company goes bankrupt sometime soon.

If you ask to FOREXgen a question that that is the trust On the live chat,
Mr.David will say, 'It is brack mail'.
This is just the trust of FOREXgen's economic crime.

I started the trading on the FOREXgen at July.
I deposited $5,000 to the FOREXgen.
Then I follow the rule of the FOREXgen on the trading.

3 month later, I requested to FOREXgen the withdrawal,
but they ignored it.

Then I send e-mail to FOREXgen 15 times until today,
but they never contact me.

And my live account was disabled by their !!!
I can not access my live account.
Where does my deposit go to ?
My deposit money was stolen by their ?

Please help me.

Next time, I wil talk this truth to MQL4.com, Forex-TSD, and other major WWW forum.
And I will talk to the MetaQuotes Software Corp too.

If FOREXgen withdraws my money, I will withdraw all articles on the WWW forum.




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