1. forexengines

    Problem FXPro Destroyed Account with Fraudulently Widened Spreads At Midnight!!! Seeking Immediate Loss Compensation.

    Hello Everyone! It is hard to believe that a "good name" as FXPro could use fraudulently and excessively widened spreads at midnight to destroy an account as illustrated on below screenshots. The account number being cheated by this fraudulent act is: 510305865 Peaceful chats with FxPro...
  2. raymonrrk

    Problem FXPro VWAP trap

    Last Friday I did open a (market order) trade on NATGAS but what happened is that the trade got filled (and closed) at a totally different price a with a spread of 99 pips instead of the 15 pips that it should have been. My trade should have got filled at the following conditions: sell 4.932...
  3. L


    Hello, I was contacted by Jasmine with FXPro through WhatsApp to do part-time work helping clients with their transactions. Has anyone else? I will include their logos.
  4. h.s.s.31.12.1976@gma

    My problem with FxPro.com

    وذلك بطريقه قذره تنم على انه وضيع حيث قام باغلاق صفقاتي فجاءة دون تنبيهي بحجة ان الهامش المتاح قد نفذ ارجو المساعدة www fxpro .comاالسلام عليكم لقد تعرضت لعملية احتيال ونصب وفقدت رصيدي الذي لاامتلك غيره من قبل شركة
  5. Anatoly M

    FxPro delete my orders profits

    I have account FxPro 9268807.Open this account to december 2018. I made depo 27 december 2018 use skrill 4000dollars. I trade manual and made profit . But FxPro delete two my orders profits for EURJPY 03.01.2019 . After this case, I made a withdrawal .Received the initial Deposit and part of the...
  6. Y

    FXpro global scummers

    I was scammed by Fxpro, they using sophisticated scheme FX have licenses, but in order not to get dirty, they are hired by people who call themselves company employees these people give regulated advises, also by sharing the screen on Skype they insert viruses to the client comp, then withdraw...
  7. A

    FrPro UK Ltd. - Suspicious change in USDJPY 'live streamed' and 'historical' trading data

    Hi FPA members There was a significant momentary large move dip in the USDJPY on 2 Jan 2019, around 00:35am (GMT+2). Though this event had a positive impact on my own trading, I subsequently noticed a significant discrepancy between FxPro UK Ltd.'s USDJPY 'live streamed' min low data value...
  8. cfatienza4

    Resolved: Be careful: Unusual activity by FXPro which taking advantage the traders

    I have 2 positions both BUY and SELL for my hedging without limit for holding the positions to avoid margin call, but FXPro did something unusual which closed both trades. Here are my positions: Currency Pair: AUDUSD Balance amount: 5K+ Buy Position: Open trade: 0.77598 Closed by FXPro at...
  9. F

    FXPro problem

    After disputing two trades, both of which i considered suspicious in nature at the close of 10.00pm Friday 08/04/16 i was advised the trades have been dealt with correctly and that the trades where closed due to normal slippage.... one as shown, has a slippage of 150 pips.... 150. After...
  10. A

    FxPro Scammed me

    In January 2015 I got a call from FxPro representative. The lady on the phone told me that they are the official representative of the FxPro company in Armenia and have an investment offer with high return rates. They arranged for an appointment, and I went to their office few days later. They...
  11. M

    FXPRO problem

    Fxpro makes problem while withdrawing money.I canceled my cc and sent them an official letter , they did not reply my mail within 2 days.But when I try to do wd with another payment method, I received decline within 5 minutes. Declines within 5 minutes,including with 3 sentence of explanation...
  12. T

    Be careful with fxpro

    fx pro slippage 10pips ?! becareful with this broker
  13. S

    FXPRO.com - cheated another introducing broker

    Hi to all, I add my case to one that I define like the biggest EU and WorldWide scam on the forex industry. I was an IB of them, after get pressure by their IB desk to sign an agreement (1 email per week pushing, but I was busy and not doing business anymore as IB because focused on prop...
  14. R

    fxpro cheating without warning

    be aware when you deal with fxpro, they are pretending to look gentle or white collars company while they are not, they spread their publicity that they are pros and trusted but they are not, when you open Bloomberg you feel that they are big firm with their ads but after a real experiment i...
  15. A

    FXPro is SCAM & IThey dont give IB withdrawal

    FXPRO is a SCAM Broker. I have around $150 in the affiliate which as per their rules I can withdraw any time. But now they are making some excuses of I need to deposit $100 first and then only I can withdraw. They are complete Scam. Dont ever tie up with them for IB or even invest in their MT4...
  16. DevTrader

    FXPRO ( Renowned name of the Industry can it too be SCAMMER?)

    Dear Aspirant / Exciting trader of FXPRO, I want to share my experiences ( in fact nightmare). I open an ECN account with them on 19 Nov 2012 ( yes just before 2 days) with their FXPRO C TRADER platform. On 1st day it worked alright but on next day real face of FXPRO came.On tuesday night i...
  17. A

    FxPro!! Silent scammers. $428 lost through scamming

    Am writting this warn traders of fxpro. Probably they are the most silent scammers in the forex market. I have an ecn account with them, deposit $700 then trader, in two days my balance was $1024. So what happened next, i opened a gold trade order 3837071 then they closed it at stopout level...
  18. E

    FXPRO Order execution policy.

    This is an extract of the PDF you can download from their website. Don't you think that this is not abusive? Let me know. This is copy of §2.4: The client may modify an order before it is executed (good!)... The client has no right to change or remove Stop Loss, Take Profit and pending orders...
  19. H

    FxPro floor self-closing scam customer's order also said the floor time

    Để FxPro sàn tự đóng lừa đảo khách hàng cũng cho biết thời gian sàn, theo sơ đồ sàn nhà, không phải trong MT4, trong khi không có tin tức quan trọng, giá trượt một vài ngọn nến để 1h không có giá trên đóng lỗ lệnh của khách hàng. giá nhập điểm của tôi cho đến khi 2016/08/12 1,00905 lệnh chốt lỗ...
  20. T


    Hello All, I am quite new on this forum. Heard about the peace army from a mentor who advised me to make a post here concerning the fraudulent practice carried out by FXPRO. i made a total of $2970 scalping the ECB conference on the 3rd of December 2015. Shortly after i made a request for...