fxpro cheating without warning


be aware when you deal with fxpro, they are pretending to look gentle or white collars company while they are not, they spread their publicity that they are pros and trusted but they are not, when you open Bloomberg you feel that they are big firm with their ads but after a real experiment i have discovered the opposite site of them, they are a decent scam-er who will cheat you and steal your money by many ways, once they will tell you that margin changed, and one other time they will tell you that it was your fault and the market was in a spike, they use a thief algorithm called Ctrader to do whatever they want with your notice or without finally you will find yourself bankrupted after they put you in a never ending excuses to lose your money many ways, i have a long story with them with documents and i will publish it to you with their usual replies every time to be aware of it, they do whatever they want to steal your money or the money you strove to make in a piece of kick just like that, and every time they will have a different reason , spreads changed, liquidity providers withdraw their money and so bla bla , just be aware of them and i will send all my case in next post .

Master Yoda

It will be more fair for the broker if you will share your story soon as they will have a chance to reply to your accusations, and people will be really aware of them when they will see that your complaint is justified.


Lt. Colonel
Agreed with Master Yoda that more detailed about your case will be good to justify this case.