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    To all traders, be careful, never trade with IronFX, they say that they are regulated but they are real scammers ! I deposited 900eur in june 2015,i made profits and my account grown to about 2100 euros, then they disabled my account saying that i traded with latency against Ironfx Terms and...
  2. A11029798

    Ironfx Is a Scam

    Hello Guys It's been a year Ironfx isn't able to clear my withdraw where as amount is just 500$ to check there withdrawal system. what do you guys suggest me to do ? is there anyway to get my amount back i have still 4k in my account. Looking forward for your replies Regards
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  4. M question

    Hello guys, I have a question about I know that alot of people are getting scammed..but i still tried to test them. I made an account under FCA regulations and made some profit. I made a withdrawal yesterday via bank transfer and i just received an email that it was succesfully...
  5. F

    Impending Class Action Lawsuits against Several Brokers

    This press release is from Giambrone Law... Press Release | For immediate release Impending Class Action Lawsuits against Several Brokers Meet our Forex Litigation Lawyers Live in the Middle East With imminent plans to launch a class action lawsuit against NRG Binary, IronFx, Titan...
  6. AsstModerator

    Documentary about IronFx

    A reviewer submitted the link to a video. I watched it and got in touch with Freddie Rostand, the man who created it. You can see his vimeo page here... The video is about 18 minutes long. I believe viewing it is time well spent. If you like it, share...
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    My withdrawal of 20.000 usd has been pending for 10 months!
  8. M

    IronFX server problem, phones not answered in Sydney office

    I have tried to connect to 2 different IronFX accounts (UK and Australia) on 2 different servers using the mobile MT4 app. No connection, tried all morning. Connecting to two other accounts with different brokers works just fine. No one answers the phone at the Sydney office of IronFX during...
  9. AsstModerator

    Cysec vs. IronFx

    Cysec has announced that they are investigating IronFx. They are encouraging clients with problems to file complaints with Cysec and the Financial Ombusman. Here is the full text... ANNOUNCEMENT As a consequence of media reports and the increasing number of complaints submitted by investors...
  10. A

    IronFx does not pay my money back

    I have opened a live account with IronFx and deposited 2000 USD on 20 May 2015. After making few trades I have lost 200 USD and later on I decided to withdraw part of my balance (1000 USD), it was declined without providing any justification. Then I decided to withdraw all my remaining balance...
  11. O

    IRONFX SCAM | Send email complaints to regulatory agencies !!!

    I hereby complain about IronFX brokers who do not pay my withdrawal. request withdrawal Mirror products Account IronFX Name : Ilaria Oranar IronFX Account Number: 12014085 Amount: $ 1,968.00 IronFX Account Number: 11016899 Amount : $ 629.00 Instant withdrawal process is not fair. I...
  12. K

    IronFX! Cannot withdrawal for more than 2 months!!

    2 Feb 2015, I applied withdrawal of 25000 USD. IronFx didn't process at all. 17 Feb 2015, IronFx accused me of irregular trading activity and canceled my profits made on 6 Feb 2015 with amount USD 22352. IronFx can't provide proof to support what they accused me of. IronFx just made up excuses...
  13. C

    Ironfx-waiting 31 days for my withdraw

    Hello friends I am waiting for my withdraw USD5,000.00 31days already I see Ironfx is a scam broker in this Forex Peace Army, many traders facing withdraw problems I received an email say: Dear: Clients We are investigating your account for potential irregular activity. They...
  14. N

    IronFX refuse to send back my Initial deposit!!!

    Hello I made withdraw request on 24.02.2015 for my initial deposit from my account 20055221. first my manager told that it will be done in 48 hr, but on next week he called me and told dirrectly that I will not receive my money back, this words was told to him by there Managers... then...
  15. J

    Ironfx is scam broker

    Dear traders, Don`t deposit found in had deposited 5000 usd in Ironfx dated 10/14/2014, after some week I made profit 12893 usd, total amount was 17893 usd after that I tried to withdraw full amount then my account manager told me she had big amount lose this week so I withdraw...
  16. AsstModerator

    Instructions for IronFx clients who are having trouble withdrawing their funds

    Please Read and Follow All Instructions If you are having trouble getting your funds back from Iron Fx... 1. Do not file an FPA Traders Court Case at this time. is already considered to be a Scam by the FPA. No new cases will go to a vote unless the Scam Finding is lifted. If...
  17. A

    IronFX Another Pending Withdrawal

    Hi Everybody, on 05-Mar-2015 I opened an account with IronFX (stupid me...), using myfxbook affilitate link. I wanted to test Autotrade with myfxbook and IronFX seemed trustworthy. My fault, I didn't do enough research. After verification and funding my account by bank transfer, I was not...
  18. C

    Resolved - Help...Ironfx delayed withdraw 16 days

    I am shocked seeing many complaints against Ironfx in this FPA forum My Ironfx account is 18009875 I am looking for help because My withdraw been delayed for 16 days already I hope Ironfx can help me process my withdraw. I am worry Email :
  19. J

    Waiting for my withdrawal from IronFx

    Hi, I am waiting my withdrawal since 10 days! Every day they fund another excuse and now they do not even answer me regarding this issue. My withdrawal is a small amount (~500 USD), what about big amount? These 500 USD are the final profit of my account. So, they agreed to withdraw the initial...
  20. Tungtran

    Elit4x has Sharing bonus 100% as promotion of Ironfx, do you think this bonus and broker ?

    Elit4x has Sharing bonus 100% as promotion of Ironfx, do you think this bonus and broker ? Please give me your comment!. Many Thanks