1. T

    Optionrally, what to do to get my money

    Hey I have the same problem others had and was wondering If I can get my money back also. Did any of you get your's back? I joined Optionrally 4 months ago and I deposited 250$ in the beggining. And then the call from Account manager came that that amount isn't enough to do trading normally and...
  2. D

    Optionrally - pre-meditated/intentionally deceptive system to defraud investors!

    31/10/2016 I am a Australian resident and a competent trader with over 15 years experience in trading Futures and Forex markets. MY CASE-MAIN POINTS: 1. That Optionrally Binary Options Broker and their Senior Account Manager: Mr Bobby Conway of Level 26, 1 Bligh Street, Sydney; have...
  3. G

    Optionrally and my money

    dear all please advise how i can sue optionrally. i have put a lot of money and now my account has 200 dollars only and no one is responding to me.
  4. R


    Is Optionrally a scam ?
  5. R

    OPTIONRALLY - Another Victim

    Hello everyone, My name is Rigoberto, I am from Honduras a small country located in Central America. I have been trading with other brokers and this is my first very bad experience with a BO company. It is a shame I did not take a look at FPA Reviews, cases and alerts before I opened my...
  6. D

    I cant withdraws on optionrally

    I cant withdraw on Optionrally and i want tO close my acc before they lose it my acc now its 47 k and still have 5 open trade 6 k .... I hear a lot bad reputation on Optionrally i think i will close my acc now and when i want tO withdraw my acc manager 10 times cancel it and that make suspecious...
  7. S

    ADVICE NEEDED: ScalaTrade | Scala.Trade | Scala Trade

    Hello Everyone, I am an investor of OptionRally that transferred my account to Scala.Trade | ScalaTrade by Mr. Ziad Al-Ali. Long story short, as soon as the funds were transferred, all communication has stopped, and no email/withdrawal request are responded/entertained. Exactly like how to the...
  8. S

    **ALERT** ScalaTrade / OptionRally Scam

    Hello All, This post is about the very certain nature of scam from OptionRally (Option Rally) and ScalaTrade (Scala.Trade). First of all, I don’t even know where to begin my case, but here are 2 pieces of info you must know before reading the rest of the story: 1. I didn’t directly invest...
  9. D

    Unable to withdraw from optionrally

    Hi everyone I'm unable to withdraw from optionrally even though I have sufficient funds in my account,I have sent an email to financial ombudsman Cyprus,IFSC Belize and MAS( monetary authority of Singapore). I joined optionrally on the 03-12-2015 after seeing an advertisement, I was welcomed...
  10. WRSuth


    I opened an account with OptionRally paying the required £250 and then received a phone call from an account manager. She spoke very quickly and I was quite confused as the line was not clear but she practically forced me into paying another £5000 assuring me I would easily make £10,000 with...
  11. S

    Option rally

    I like many people are new to binary trading, I spoke to several companies and settled on OptionRally, I foolishly related to "senior account manager" things looked OK for the first 5 weeks, I was running an actual profit, things were looking good. I was promised at least 3 trades a day...
  12. M

    Unable to withdraw - optionrally

    Hi everyone, I am unable to withdraw money from OptionRally. I have already wrote email to Financial Ombudsman Cyprus and IFSC Belize. I have also written email to MAS, Singapore (financial authority) regarding this. Here is the story, I saw an advertisement about OptionRally and decided to...
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    DANGER SIGNALS!! OPTION RALLY DANGER SIGNALS!! OPTION RALLY Don’t be trusting with OPTION RALLY like I was because they will take you to the cleaners. I understand that there are risks in this business but I don’t call mismanagement of a clients funds an acceptable risk as basically in three...
  14. O

    Optionrally and Scala Trade scam

    I have opened an account with Optionrally in November 2015. The account manager sent at the beginning of March 2016 a document that I needed to sign in order to agree with a transfer of my account to a different company called Scala Trade. The conditions of the agreement were abnormal and I have...
  15. A

    optionrally is scam

    has any one had a scamed by optionrally as i lost 75% of my capital with them
  16. bonooraa2891

    OptionRally Scam Warning

    Warning.. Warning My manager had ask me for $10000 for himself, I refused, he took my investment and disappeared forever. I lost my investment and no one in Ooptionally had helped me to this moment.. be careful
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  18. almeeej

    Insurance scam by optionrally.com

    I have account in optionrally, my account manager is very nice person ( as all of them ), he promise me with good invest in optionrally and let me believe that optionrally id the future, I start my account with 200$ as everyone else, the in +/- 2 months time he keep asking me to make more...
  19. O

    My problem with OptionRally

    I have a complaint against company called option rally (Servicing company: Intercapital SM Ltd. Address: 145-157 St. John Street, London England) they were calling me from 0097144457921 to open an account with them and inform that they have office in Dubai ,they told me that i can withdraw from...
  20. S

    www.optionrally.com SCAM !!! not giving withdrawals..

    I PLACED A WITHDRAWAL OF $100 FROM MY ACCOUNT.THEY SIMPLY NOT GIVING WITHDRAWAL.IT'S JUST $100 s. SCAMMERS BE CAREFUL. i attached screenshot of my banking history , chat history.please check. BE CAREFUL!!! NEVER EVER GO WITH optionrally.com :mad::mad::mad: