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I have account in optionrally,
my account manager is very nice person ( as all of them ), he promise me with good invest in optionrally and let me believe that optionrally id the future, I start my account with 200$ as everyone else, the in +/- 2 months time he keep asking me to make more deposits for new trades which will be made due to insider informations and other trades that suppose to be well studied and will be executed in optionally dealing room.
I sign for the platinum account with a deposit of more that 120,000$ which will be managed by my account manager.
after that I decide to take my money out of optionrally, and here where my account manager said that all my money is in dealing room and will be out with profit by end of the month, at the end of the month I keep calling and sending email, then the dealing room manager and account manager call me to inform me that most of the deals been closed with big success rate and a lot of profit, but some of them been extended to to end of July, Middle of Aug and end of Aug.

at 06 July 2015, I contact support department to close my account with whatever money I can withdraw as I wasn't able to follow up with my money in dealing room by any meaning, Account manager and dealing room manager mention a lot of numbers with good success trading rates and huge profit but refuse to send any official report or email to prove

at 20 Aug 2015, I sent email to Support department and legal department to explain the account situation and ask for account closer, I got no reply from any department.

I keep calling my account manager everyday for the trades and he keep transferring me to dealing room manager who keep promising everything is fine and money capital will back to account after deals close where profit will flow to my card directly.

at beginning of October, the dealing room manager call me after several emails and calls to support, and he climes that almost all trades in dealing room loss due to ( Red moon ), only a phone call, he refuse to send the report coz he said this is an official and can't go out of optionrally, then he agreed to send it as hard copy by mail but for a month now he didn't request it !

I call my account manager to remind him about the insurance I pay and he said he will call me back after checking the insurance procedure, later he call me and ask to deposit 10075$ for activation of insurance, with this insurance a third party company dealing with optionrally ( he call it Comodo) will get all the bounce and withdraw able money in my account and will send my capital to my credit card.

Since the time I deposit that money ( for insurance activation) until today, (More than a month) I am not able to get copy of insurance policy or any prove that insurance is there ? or what is the procedure ?

I contact support almost 3 times a day and send several emails to my account manager to solve the issue, I got a call back from him just to promise that he will call back again in a while with a solution, but no solution yet.

by searching in internet only about the company name I know so far he is not an honest person, and I pay the cost of trusting wrong ones.
I hope my case can solved here and they give me back my capital.

Sorry for making it too long.

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120,000 for a non regulated broker wow you must be very rich anyway call your banks dispute the money if it is within 90 days


Not so rich, this is almost all what I collect in my life :-(
I am not sure if bank can help coz it is not one deposit. anyway I will try to visit the bank after weekend and file scam complain to VISA, hope that will help a little.


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Threesteps that you must follow

1st - Invite them to join this thread via email (Send email to every possible address).

Hong Kong (Headquarters)
Level 5, 7 & 8, Two Exchange Square,
8 Connaught Place, Central.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong +852-39733738
Russia +7-4995044402
Turkey +90-2127055635
Dubai +971-44457921
Bahrain +973-16198828
China +86-75586243633
Saudi Arabia +966-8-111702349
Japan +81-345789233
Singapore +65-3-1080750
South Africa +27-105001844
Australia +61-281034119
Canada +1-647-8460876
Switzerland +41-44-5083030
India +91 20 6707 2598

General informati:
General Customer Support:
Technical Support (Website):
Technical Support (Deposit):
Technical Support (Withdrawal):
Trade Disputes :
Compliance Department:
Banking Department:
Affiliates Department:
Education Department:

2nd - Go to their website and invite them to here via Live Chat.

3rd- Go to their Social media pages and share you story as a comment on latest post.

PS: We want your votes at open cases, check this section FPA Open Cases and votes for Guilty or Not Guilty.


Thank you FXmaster,
Looks like not all emails they have are active, I send invitation to all eamil, some of them can't be reach,
anyway some of them which they are important they recive the email, including support, hope they will join us, rejected your message to the following email addresses:

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pls do keep us posted on how this goes,, try to send an email to the regulation if the broker is regulated, file a case with your credit card for a dispute, if you have used a CC for deposit. send every known email, or site a link to this thread and ask them to join, I hope there are other traders that would be kind enough to suggest more things.


I got a call by my account manager today and he promise to solve the case as soon as possible, I will wait his call


He disappeared. Probably after his boss realized that he was making things worse instead of better.


Dear Client,

Thank you for choosing OptionRally,

We would like to inform you that is one of the world's first and most reliable binary options brokers, we are incorporated in Anguilla in March 2011 , the company’s registration number is 2179827.

Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you require any further assistance.

is it still I can file my complaint to Cysec ? and FCA ?
also I am planing to contact Financial Ombudsman Service as it is almost 8 weeks now without solution.
I contact Anguilla Financial Services Commission and will wait there reply