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Hello Everyone,

I am an investor of OptionRally that transferred my account to Scala.Trade | ScalaTrade by Mr. Ziad Al-Ali. Long story short, as soon as the funds were transferred, all communication has stopped, and no email/withdrawal request are responded/entertained. Exactly like how to the owner of this Thread has mentioned, all the timeline remain true to my case.

However after 3 months of stalling without any communication, LAST WEEK, a company representative just send me a few email with a document (of unreasonable terms for hedging) and ask me to sign. Upon inquiring with ScalaTrade about the possibility of closing the account due to their lack of professionalism as a company and fraudulent contact details, he hung up and haven't heard from them since.

Below are the two email they sent to me (YES, they send their email in JPG format, why?)




What will you do in this situation? WHAT CAN YOU DO? Call the Police? If so, which Police?
I just want that money that is showing on their Website back to my bank, and close this madness.

Your advise is much much much appreciated...
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1. How did you deposit? When did you deposit? How much did you deposit?

If there was a credit card involved, get in touch with the fraud department at your bank immediately. You don't want to risk missing a deadline for chargebacks - which is one of the main reasons for binary brokers to delay you. Report back here what the bank says.

2. Did you get an email about moving from OptionRally to Scala.Trade?

If so, please post a copy.


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Follow the words suggested by Pharaoh and ONE advice, Always read the REVIEWS the brokers you are going to start trading with and DO NOT RISK your money with such brokers.


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Its really hard to distinguish between good ones and the bad one however i think checking forex brokers reviews and testing their demo accounts can be helpful in getting real insights of any broker before investing with them.