1. ChrisIrwin19

    Plus500 scam

    Plus500 Today scammed me by hitting my stop loss on a false market price. This is completely unfair and a scam.At 18:21 GMT $DO plus500 closed my trade indicating the stop loss was hit as $4.78 when the actual price was $4.82. Stay away from Plus 500 it is a scam !!!!
  2. D


    I registered an affiliate account with plus500 on 4 April 2019, which my account was only approved in July. In August I started getting them traffic, in September when they have to pay, they send me an email saying my traffic was unclear which i found very strange as the traffic came through the...
  3. M

    Plus500 scammers - Resolved

    Hello all, I have been having an issue with Plus500. They refuse to pay my profit out. I have created an account with, they have AFSL #417727 issued by ASIC. I thought this was enough to assure me they are trustworthy. I have verified my account and everything was accepted and...
  4. M

    Plus500 account balance waived

    Hi, I have an account with Plus500Cy. Ltd. I've been trading depositing and withdrawing funds withaout any problem since account oppened in march 2018. On the 5th of July when Ie passed a withdrawal request after three days it has been cancelled and I've received a message that my account is...
  5. S

    Plus500 scam alert

    I registered with Plus500 affiliates a month back. Today I received an email stating that I was involved with the traders which I was not I only do promotions on the website they approve, they are only sending me this email because they are suppose to pay me in the next coming 3 days. I send...
  6. J

    Scammed by Plus500 and Iq Option

    Hi, i joined FPA cause i was scammed by 2 trading platform, plus500 and Iq Option. Plus500 was triggering my pending orders everytime and i was losing continuosly. On IqOption i made a lot of profit since the beginning; when i requested the withdraw, they blocked my trading cause they said i...
  7. M

    PLUS500 Scam Affiliate

    Hello i wanna show what happens if you start working as affiliate with plus500 when you start refer traffic from landing page and tracking pixel so they could recognize where traffic comes from this is what happens....they havo to monitor you traffic for others 60 days..... and of course after...
  8. T

    Plus500 rigged trade closures...

    Please let me know your opinion on this situation/occurance, any advise on what I can do will be much appreciated. Plus500 Rigged my trades... One thing to start with before I begin talking about my experiences, with plus500. I have noticed a few red flags that slowly grew to my attention...
  9. K

    Plus500 blocking account when withdrawing

    Plus500 is a scam they previously blocked my account saying that they I should post certified ID and RV before they can remove restrictions that prevented withdrawing Did that and they took months saying they haven't received the documents giving me endless tickets They eventually removed the...
  10. S

    Plus 500 withdrawal problem

    How you do it? Because I have a big problem with plus 500...I have lost a big amount after they upgrade me to the gold membership and they change a margin required without tell me first..Until now they give me many reason and try to run away from me..I hope I get my money back because I need to...
  11. Shaunistar

    Plus500 blocked my withdrawals

    I've been with plus500 for over 6 months now. Sometimes they just start suspicious activities such as changing settings(recently removed chat so we can't reach them easily) and leverages of certain instruments without letting us know. Sometimes they close positions for you and sometimes they...
  12. J

    The big Plus500 scam - there is hope

    To anyone who has been "trading" with and/or at Plus500........... You've lost money? Did they manipulate your trades, too? I've been working diligently on this case for years and now there is a silver lining. Anyone who's lost money can join now for FREE!!!!!!!!!!! The case against Plus500...
  13. B

    plus500 withdrawal problem in Australia

    Hi Australian traders using PLUS500. I have had probably the worst experience I can remember when attempting to withdraw around $2,000.00 from my PLUS500 account. The withdrawal requests were rejected on a number of occasions with one exception where a valid request for my Credit/Debit card was...
  14. R

    plus500 leverage

    Last friday the leverage on eur/usd was 270 something, monday morning it's 33, 5000 units is the minimal amount, I can't even open a position with 44 dollars on my account, I opened this account last week, is that normal for plus500? Is it like this for everyone? I know plus500 has bad...
  15. P

    plus500 scam

    Peter Schouten, Sep 8, 14:30 IDT: +500 takes your money claiming the price went different than it actually did, not backed up by any proof at all. The are free to do as they please and take your money. LiveChat conversation transcript: ---------- source: WebTrader2 ip: lang: en...
  16. K

    PLUS 500 SCAMMER !!!!

    PLUS 500 is only a big scam, almost every position is manipulated !!!!!! Please, controll your graphs back !!!!!! in hours, minutes, days, weeks ................ Only a big manipulation !!!!!!! Do not react to contrete asks, purloin all my money !!!!! Using of unallowed methods !!!!
  17. misschingching

    Is there any company or person can help me to get back the money from scammer Plus500?

    Hello, I come from hong Kong. Sorry my English is quite limited, same as the knowledge of the law field... Recently there's is some issue between me and the scammer Plus500(au)... Is there any person or company i can ask for help please? Sorry again I am new. Thanks for your help.
  18. C

    GUILTY Case# 2015-209 | camille caillaut vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: I had deposited money in my plus500 account. After making a profit of 35k euros with Japan 225 in one position (the position was open for more then 6 hours), i tried withdrawing my money on...
  19. JEgor

    Plus500 closed my account with my money on it. Scam

    Hello. I opened account with Plus500 couple weeks ago, they gave me free 25 euro bonus. So i started trading with that money and week later i earned 800 euro. So i sent to them my ID and bill and after 5 minutes they verified my account. Then i decide to withdraw 400 euro to my personal bank...
  20. Franeli

    plus500 withdrawal problem

    Hi, good morning. I do not write English very well but I will try to explain as best as possible. Plus500 has closed an account with me 800 euro very day that money wins since July after being playing and always developing the same operational. Before he had rebates and and excuse that if...