1. D

    Sunbird fx

    hi.I have been trying for weeks to get my funds back from Sunbirdfx, has anyone managed to talk to their management ,because most of the time they ignor my call and email and when I use a different no: they answer and they agree to pay but ignor me again. The person I talked to is James B,his...
  2. P

    Sunbird fx

  3. B

    SUNBIRDFX SCAM through illegal managed accounts

    Sunbirdf have scammed over $300k from me and my company by operating a managed account. that they run themsleves. Initially they will show you that they are making great profits. But they dont want to do ant withdrawals. I withdrew all my money on the 16th July 2015 but they didnt honor it...
  4. S

    SunbirdFx Account Disabled

    Hello, I am a small account trader, putt putt ing away at a wee small account. I have had this account open for four years and have turned 500 $ into almost 1500 $. Huge success on my end although small potatoes for most folks. In the past two weeks my account was suddenly disabled. I...
  5. E


    Buongiorno Ho aperto un Conto con SunbirdFx a dicembre 2015, Ho versato in tutto 10,500 € e ho Avuto un bonus di € 21,000, ad aprile 2016 il mio bonus è stato ridotto a 3.500. oggi dopo Aver Lavorato tanto e bene il mio Conto ha un saldo di euro 242.000 Ho Chiesto tante volte di fare un...
  6. Z

    SunbirdFX - No response, not withdrawing money in account

    I opened my account with SunbirdFX years ago. Before I have deposited and withdrawn money from them, nothing seemed wrong at the time, around 2014/ early 2015. Recently I decided to trade with them again, and did 2 deposits on an account for $500 and $2000 in Feb 2016. Since then I made some...
  7. orlandobrasil


    Você investiu em corretor sunbirdfx, ter muito cuidado porque sei dois altamente pega as pessoas nesta empresa. David Enkin que é um Borker e gerente de contas de Paula Moura. Eles trabalham juntos e derreter todo o seu dinheiro. São ladrões forex mundo. Por favor, deixe os denuncia. Eu tenho...
  8. G

    Sunbird unresponsive scam?

    I am a customer of Sunbird -account NO 288 522 December 7th day retreat I asked 500 usd .The same day send an email to the company. They have two weeks past and I have no money and no answer. I sent four emails and no one answers me. Sorry for the bad Ingles- one Google translation yet
  9. B

    sunbird fx withdrawal problem

    07/29/2015, I opened an account with the company 2 months ago, I tried to bring a small amount of money, but I have not brought. I then tried to withdraw all the money, but I have stopped responding. Now I can not get my money in the amount of $ 500. My account number is 331406...
  10. S


    I have been a client of Sunbirdfx for less than 4 months. I have two problems with them which they have failed to resolve in more than two months. My issues are; - I have not been able to log on to my account whether online or on Metatrader. Whenever I try to logon i get the error message...
  11. raffus

    Sundbirdfx Scam no withdrawal my money

    Hello to everybody, first of all i'm sorry for my English, i' m Italian; I would like to explain you what happened On 09th Feb 2015 i open my 3rd account n.317029 with this broker following a great promotion of an IB which were offering these conditions: -150% bonus -refund VPS montly cost -1...
  12. AsstModerator

    Problem Instructions for YouTradeFx and SunbirdFx clients having troubles withdrawing their funds

    Please read this post carefully BEFORE taking any other actions. Do NOT file any new FPA Traders Court cases against YouTradeFx or SunbirdFx at this time. Instead, follow the rest of the instructions in this post. UPDATE: YouTradeFx and SunbirdFx seem to be under the same management. Try...
  13. A

    Sunbird FX: Broker is not returning money.

    Hi I have an account with Sunbird FX. My account number is 287622. The account has $2342.65 as on 27th Aug 2015 On June 18, 2015 I have raised a withdrawal request for a sum of $850. Withdrawal request ID is: 2116143. I waited patiently for few days for request to be processed. However there...
  14. S

    GUILTY Case# 2015-140 | ScaldNL vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: Dear FPA staff, (details you may require at the bottom and/or i the added files) Here by I send a case against because they are refusing to let me withdraw. The story...
  15. S

    SunbirdFX withdraw request ignored.

    So i just recently decided to go away from SunbirdFX after a terrible costumer experience and reading up on the forums here. My problem(s) are as follow: 1 - solved: After registering at sunbirdFX back in march 2015 they never uploaded my personal files so back in June 2015 when i wanted...
  16. S

    [langtitle=es]SunbirdFX no devuelve tu dinero.[/langtitle]

    Inicio este hilo de denuncia, debido a que la empresa SunbirdFX no me atiende un solicitud de devolucion de dinero hace dos meses. Es un dinero que llos cargaron indebidamente a mi tarjeta de crédito, me hicieron un fraude a mi cuenta. Me contacte con la ejecutiva Luisna Garcia indicandome que...
  17. D

    I put in a withdrawal request to SUNBIRDFX.COM on the 11/06/2015 for $45000. Despite emailing and contacting them on a daily basis they have not responded to me at all! My account manager is Jordan Mitty and his supervisor is Amir Brown. Their legal department is headed up by a JamesB. How...
  18. P

    RESOLVED - SunbirdFx

    It all started when they changed account numbers in the end of December 2014. They sent an e-mail 26/12/2014 regarding systems upgrade short excerpt: "On Sunday night when the trading start again you will be blocked from the old server and an email with new credentials will be sent to your...
  19. F

    SUNBIRD FX is a scam

    My name is Fernando Villanes Herrera i´m from Lima Peru I have an acount with sunbirdfx. I opened with 1000 US dollars. My number account is 289362 original number was 91971 My comunication was basic in spanish with LUISANA GARCIA. After read some forums, I applied to withdraw $ 1000...
  20. M

    GUILTY Case# 2015-095 | M Teixe vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: I opened an account with Sunbirdfx about a year ago. I was offered many bonuses over the period but did not take any of them. On 18th May 2015 I filled out a withdrawal request form and...