1. M


    On 18th May 2015 I filled out a withdrawal request form and tried to get hold of them to verify some details I had filled in and if it was correct. My account manager contacted me and tried to give me reasons to carry on trading, I told him the reasons why I was withdrawing my funds and it had...
  2. Pharaoh

    SunbirdFx and YouTradeFx- What's the real relationship?

    I think this issue deserves its own thread. Let's look at what's been said so far. November 2014: February 2015: May 2015: Ron, I think either you are lying to me or your bosses are lying to you. Allow me to verify the Whois information showing being under...
  3. 8

    Sunbirdfx doesn't remove means

    In 2011 I opened the account in the SunbirdFX company (www having put on it $3000 also I filled up it through the cash card. I traded at first successfully, then as well as I lost most of beginners. Now I try to take away the blood $267. Already as 5 months, I correspond, I...
  4. Y

    SunbirdFX not allowing withdrawal and avoiding emails or calls.

    I have been trying for about 4 months already to retrieve my funds from SunbirdFX with absolutely no success to date (29 April 2015). Two days ago I received a call from a "Daniel Colin" telling me that YoutradeFX has bought out SunbirdFX and as such my account will be moved over to YoutradeFX...
  5. E

    SUNBIRDFX e account manager Alex Ferrari . TRUFFATORI!!

    SUNBIRDFX e account manager Alex Ferrari . TRUFFATORI!! Ho aperto un conto a gennaio 2015 tramite l'account manager Alex Ferrari (TRUFFATORE)...ho fatto trading per qualche mese...poi mi sono accorto che qualcosa non andava...ho chiesto il prelievo del mio capitale ma niente: state alla larga...
  6. K Sunbird International Ltd (reg number 81294) - scam and fraud

    I have deposit over 10.000 euro on 11-2014 with this company. I have made 30.000 euro profit and I made withdrawal request of total 40.000 euro. I have made plenty of phone calls and emails no result. After a month on 01-2015 they delete all my profits and told me that I will get back only my...
  7. T

    SunbirdFX - Scam Alert

    I had been with sunbird forex for about a year with a loss about 4k and left with 500 plus. Due to inactivity for about 6 month, not able to withdraw and close that account. On the 24 Feb2015, get to know Adam Dean thru skype, due to wanted to recover some losses, decide to fund in USD 4500...
  8. S

    SunbirdFx es una estafa!!!

    Abro este hilo para que otras personas no caigan en la estafa de esta empresa. He pedido mi dinero hace mas de 4 meses y no me devuelven mi dinero, simplemente no contestan los emails y desaparecieron, no contestan llamadas y solo se quedan con el dinero de los clientes. Luisana Garcia y...
  9. 1

    SunbirdFX Scam

    T As per the attachment I have been trying to withdraw funds from SunbirdFX since my withdrawal request on 11 March 2015. My account number with them is 288458. After 20 emails with Adam Dean at SunbirdFX I still do not have the funds in my bank account. I have tried to call numerous times on...
  10. M

    GUILTY Case# 2015-039 | mrsVDW vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: 8 Jan 2015 - withdrawal request Mon 2015/01/26 - Email asking for feedback on request - no response. On Mon 2015/02/02 - Email asking for feedback - no response emailed deleted...
  11. K

    YOU TRADER FX stole my money

    HI my name is kryalan Sundurm. I have been trying to get my money back from you trade fx as they seem to be a bogus compnay. I have got 874.46 usd. My accounts manager at you trader FX is and AlexK@ytfx.coml. They both have decided to ignore me even when i email them. All i...
  12. F

    Sunbirdfx accounts and website login authentication fail

    I have a problem with Sunbird since Friday 6th March 2015 where all MT4 accounts as well as the Sunbird websites show Athentication Failed. They have not replied on any mails or chats sent to them. Does anyone know what is happening?
  13. M

    SunbirdFX - Scam Alert

    The process started on 8th January 2015, when I logged into my account to process a withdrawal and it would not allow me to. Their website does not work. I was on hold for over 20 minutes on an international call (Huge expense) before the call got dropped. During this 20 minutes I was...
  14. D

    My problem with SunbirdFX

    14.10.14 я открыл счет в компании SunbirdFX (SunbirdFX) и пополнил его через систему webmoney. 02.12.14 я подал заявку на вывод средств из компании. Через неделю, мне позвонил менеджер из SunbirdFX, для подтверждения вывода средств. Я подтвердил вывод средств. Но, средства я не получил, их...
  15. M

    RESOLVED - SunbirdFX refusing to pay commission money

    I have opened a Traders court as they refuse to pay me money I am owed
  16. R

    no possibility to withdraw funds from youtradeFX

    no possibility to withdraw funds from youtradeFX I have an account at youtradeFX and want to withdraw my money, but no one answered. I have also wrote an e-mail to JLogger, but he didn´t answer, too. Please help! My account is 191597 and the funds are around 11.800 USD.
  17. L

    stay away with

    you may not able to got you money back from Forex Broker & Online Currency Trading | SunbirdFX. When you want to withdraw money from there they will disappear.
  18. L

    Sunbirdfx is a scam period.

    SUNBIRDFX is a scam period, i've spoken to daniel marks, MY CONTACT MANAGER, about the withdrawal of my $446 and he give me this CRAP that he will personally expedite the withdrawal, that was over 2 months ago and still no money. According to what i saw in my SUNBIRDFX backoffice, there's 4...
  19. H is scam and fake company they dont pay commission and they blackmail you

    Hi, I started working with this company as forex trader, and make a profit of 2300 dollars, (see the attachment), and withdraw the profit and withdraw 3900 dollars and keeping 400 dollars there due to open positions. This company paid the withdrawal within one day as promised but asked for deal...
  20. A

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