Sunbird International Ltd (reg number 81294) - scam and fraud


I have deposit over 10.000 euro on 11-2014 with this company.
I have made 30.000 euro profit and I made withdrawal request of total 40.000 euro.
I have made plenty of phone calls and emails no result.
After a month on 01-2015 they delete all my profits and told me that I will get back only my deposit but it was a lie.
They didnt' give me any reason of zeroing my profit.
Again I have made plenty of phone calls and emails no result.
It is now over 3 months. Still no money, even my deposit.

This company is registered on Seychelles.

I have contact lawyers from Seychelles.
The registered agent of Sunbird International Limited can't contact with directors of these company.
There have been complaints lodged against Sunbird International Limited with the Financial Services Authority also.

I have register with them one more account on other person (on March 2015) and they sent this person the same data to deposit
They are still accept money from clients via bank
Coutts & Co Ltd, Zurich (Switzerland) COUTCHZZ
Bank account of this scammers:
CH4208620111283572000 (USD)
CH1508620111283572001 (EUR)
CH1508620111283572003 (GBP)

How is it possible that such scammers are unpunished ?
This scamm seems to last for years. They only change company names and create new websites.


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Two steps that you must follow

1st - Invite them to join this thread via email (Send email to every possible address).

2nd - Go to there website and invite them to here via Live Chat.


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Bonjour Kris1
La seule chose à faire c’est de porter plainte dans votre pays de prendre un avocat spécialiser dans ce genre de commerce et d’alerter l’institut de régulation du pays ou vous avez votre compte de trading.
Il y a sur internet des Société qui se disent Spécialiser dans ce genre d’affaire ce sont souvent aussi des escrocs une entreprise sérieuse est enregistré auprès des autorités et exerce plus de cinq ans.
Avant de vous lancer il faut vérifier ou et dans quel domaine il est accrédité (numéro d’accréditation à quel institut)
Je suppose que votre Broker n’est pas réguler ce qui vous donne peu de chance de revoir votre avoir
Ne jamais confier son argent à un broker qui n’est pas réguler par l’autorité du pays où il se trouve car ils n’ont pas le droit d’exercer et le client n’a aucune garantie du sérieux du Broker


Lordy-lord!....and as I have also posted in another thread on this less than trustworthy broker, don't you check the broker before you go live with them?

Quite frankly....and I am very sure you don't want to hear this....... even if your case is legitimate, your chances of recovering your money is very, very slim. Brokers from exotic Island nations are there for a reason, which is to make it very difficult or next to impossible for their clients to withdraw their money...let alone profits!

Year since: 2005
Headquarters: Seychelles
Company registration: SunbirdTrading Ltd., Seychelles
Regulation: Not regulated

On a footnote, sometimes even well regulated brokers (like the ASIC regulated broker ICMarkets that I thought could be trusted) can go rouge.
We Traders just have to be ever vigilant, try to catch any unusual happenings on our trading platform, and minimize our risk by spreading our trading accounts on more than one broker.