SunbirdFX not allowing withdrawal and avoiding emails or calls.


I have been trying for about 4 months already to retrieve my funds from SunbirdFX with absolutely no success to date (29 April 2015). Two days ago I received a call from a "Daniel Colin" telling me that YoutradeFX has bought out SunbirdFX and as such my account will be moved over to YoutradeFX therefore will fall under YoutradeFX terms and conditions (one of which is that I will now be charged about $30 a month for having the account with them). As if this is not ridiculous enough he also convinced me to place as trade as failure to do so would result in my account being closed and my funds "disappearing", the next day (after making a small risky profit) he call requesting that I deposit more funds... Wow, just thinking of this again is making my blood boil!

So anyway, that is my experience so far. I will quote all the email address and names I have so far with the intention of trying to help other victims avoid being scammed in this way.

Also if my problem becomes resolved this post will be updated immediately. Is there anyone one else out there with a similar problem with ether Sunbird FX or Youtrade FX and if so, have you received any funds back at all?

Daniel Colin:
Ammy (no last name)
Adam Dean:
Bader Al-Metarie: (account manager) : Skype ID: (Phone +35319014606) (no name) (I'm guessing "Angela")
Oscar Anderson, Jean-Francois Merignac, Michael Dreamer:
SunbirdFX Webinar:

I think thats everything I have for now. The number that SunbirdFX has on their website rings, then is answered by an automated voice control system, requests a language selection and then once a language is selected a lovely voice informs you that you have made an error, "good-bye!".


Until proven otherwise everything heard or written from SunbirdFX/YTFX is a lie.

"YoutradeFX has bought out SunbirdFX" is quite a lie, Sunbird has bought YTFX database...

I totally agree, it must be a lie. Any information anyone has about them as far as I know is a lie. Since confronting the Daniel Colin about my suspicions regarding their fraudulent activity my account was closed (within 30 minutes of the phone call) and I never heard anything from YTFX again.

But at the end of the day I really am not concerned with any of the politics, I just want my money back.


There's no way to tell for sure what the actual business relationship is between YouTradeFx and SunbirdFx. What is known is that the two are now operating together. Of course, if Sunbird gets another Traders Court Guilty verdict, it will have it's very own scam finding on top of the one against YTFX


Yo tengo el mismo problema.He pedido retiro el 28.04.2015.El 15.05.2015 Luisana Garcia -spanish account manager me manda un correo diciendo :

LUISANA :Ahora recibi un email porque todavia el pedido de retiro de usted no fue aceptado.

Y es porque desde el momento que le sale ahora de su cuenta una suma de 1500 dolares

Es muy probable que la cuenta se empieze a cerrar posiciones lo que significa que corre el riesgo

De perder todo lo que tiene en su cuenta.

Necesio que me envie un email de todas maneras de hacer el retiro diciendo que acepta que por mas

Que pierda todo el

dinero quiere el retiro.
Este es el resumen de mi cuenta hoy 13.05.2015 a las 17:00 h.

Balance: 3 643.67 USD Equidad: 2 735.84 Margen: 108.06 Margen libre: 2 627.78 / 2531.69%

Si retiro 1500 me quedarÃ*a con 2100,que es mas que suficiente para mantener mis posiciones.

Ecactp pero la cuienta entraria en riesgo porque tiene posiciones abiertas

Que significa Ecactp
Con riesgo estarÃ*a con unas perdidas de 1600-1800 .Ademas esto es mi responsabilidad -si quiero perder 2100 usd es cosa mia .
Udes no deben cerrar posiciones si tengo suficiente dinero

Sunbird es una estafa