Another person thinks he can bribe the FPA


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I'm tired of dealing with people who think they can use bribes to hide a company's abuse of traders.

Here's the latest one...


My name is Jonathan Vance and I represent a specific broker that has been reviewed on your site. My client is open to negotiating with your firm an agreement that would include advertising funds for your page and a payout should those reviews be removed.

If you are open and amenable to this negotiation, please reply at your earliest convenience. I will broker communication between both parties to ensure our client's anonymity.

Best wishes,

Jonathan Vance
Attorney at Law

And here's my reply...

Hello Jonathan,

If your client wishes to have better ratings, tell your client to start fixing problems reported by traders instead of wasting money paying someone like you to make bribe attempts.

You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to use money to cover up problems reported by clients of a brokerage. Were you asleep during ethics class at law school? Since you aren't using an address linked to a real law firm, I think "Attorney at Law" is just a fake title. You probably are just a low-ranked weasel in the broker's ad department trying to impress your boss with how clever you are.

The FPA doesn't accept bribes. The FPA doesn't want ads from companies unethical enough to have people like you on the payroll.

Have the kind of day you deserve,
Bill K.

"Jonathan" wrote in from using IP The IP address is from Guatemala.