Awers-Consulting - Spamvertising for a Recovery Room Scam


Recovery Room Scammer
Hi everyone!
Did anybody hear about They provide services in chargeback and recovery from brokers.
I found this company by one person from another forum.
A year ago I was scammed by 53 Capital trade for 38500 EUR. All money I sent to them by my Visa card. When I understood that I was scammed. I started to prepare documents for the bank to make the chargeback. After 1 month my bank cancelled my request about chargeback of my money because of not full evidence. Bank told that they don't see the possibility to do this cause I send money by myself and it was high risk investment by their terms and condions.
Last month I found person on another forum who gave me the contact of awers consulting.
I spoke with lawyer of Awers Consulting for 2 weeks. I sent them documents, they checked something. (I don't know what). And yesterday told me that they can help me with recovery. They cannot give me 100% guarantee, but told that my chances are very high.
But to start cooperation with them I need to pay upfront 2000 EUR. And by the contract their fee will be 15% from total amount of recovery. And this 2000 I need to pay for just services of researching of market or something like this.
The name of lawyer is Tomas Fredinger.
Their company is registered on Seychelles. And lawyer called me from Switzerland.
Please give me an advice what to do. I don't want to be scammed one more time.
But I want to get my money back.
Did anybody heard something about this company?
I will be very glad for all info about this company


Without a lot more information this could be a very effective way to throw away 2000 Euros.

The website makes many claims, but lacks links to support them. For example, the footer says:

1. Associated member of International Consulting Association.
2. Member of AILATR
3. Member of Law Authority System

For each of the above, 3 questions need to be answered: What is this organization? What is it's website? Does the website have a list of members?

The website claims they started in 2002. Considering their claims of how important they are, why are there no other mentions of them online? What other names have they been known by?

Until clear answers are provided, keep your money firmly in your wallet.


Sergeant Major
Sometime as investor become reckleslly about investing their money, many scammed people only want to carry out our money, call lawyer with high promising, in my opinion still worried money will get chargeback, if already paying cost but money still never arrived


Recovery Room Scammer
I got experience with them.
They helped me to open chargeback process against Broker Yard. I paied 2400 eur upfront to them and than 10% from money which arrived to my bank account = 2295 euro.
The request for chargeback was for 34450 Euro. I got back 22950 euro back to my bank cards in equel parts as I made transactions. All money sent by visa got back. By Master card = 0.
So the result I got. They told that it is not bad. But I expected for all amount.
Services were provided.Think company is not bad. Signed contract with them.
Can anyone tell was it high price for services of chargeback or not?
Who dealed with them too? Did you get results for full ammount?


Recovery Room Scammer
At the end of March I dealed with Awers-consulting. And agreed with theirs terms and conditions. I paied money upfront for services they were need.
Today I got the result. I got back 9 transactions from my Visa card.
In total I got back 26650 Euro.
My payments: 2000 Euro (upfront) + 3998 Euro (I paied today). When I count everything I got back 20652 Euro free of charge. And in total my loses with 53 capital trade are 17847 Euro. This was payment for my experience. From now never will believe any brokers company. Think the most of them are scammers.
My conclusions:
Pluses: Awers-Consulting is not scam. All services were provided. For all services I signed contracts. All payments were by invoices. Good service. Not wery long term of process.
Minuses: Upfront fee. Not full amount was recovered.

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