Article by a shill spamvertising for

I don't personally know the writer

Not Really...

Are you both being paid by someone to submit reviews? Does this text look familiar?

I am trading with BROKER NAME REMOVED for a couple of months now, tried to withdraw and that went well. Currently looking to also earn some rebates on my trades, but my rebate provider doesn't work with BROKER NAME REMOVED AGAIN. Any recs?

You both submitted the exact same text about 12 hours apart on June 27th.

On July 13th, JonnyPean submitted a review for claiming Been using them for BROKER NAME REMOVED rebates 4 months now. Always pay on time, planning to add more trading accounts soon with them. So far so good.

From looking for recommendations for a rebate IB to claiming to have used a rebate IB with the broker for 4 months only 6 weeks later.

On August 1. forex_kitten submitted a review for which said I've used them for a few months and always got my rebate paid on time. I have two BROKER NAME REMOVED accounts and one OTHER BROKER NAME REMOVED account registered with them for rebates, no issues, been really good so far.

Now in this thread, I see the same basic spamvertising conversation going on.

Would the two of you like to clarify this, or should I just mark you both as paid shills for primefxrebates?
Hi May be this can be a coincidence, you should trust my words I really don't know him.. Thanks.
@JonnyPean and @forex_kitten .

You both posted exactly the same text only 12 hours apart. The reviews were both in the queue, so neither of you could see the other's review text.

Jonny, you claimed you wanted to find a rebate IB that worked with the broker on June 27, since you did not have one. Then on July 13th, only 16 days later), you claimed to have been using primefxrebates as an IB with the same broker for about 4 months. forex_kitten waited until August 1st to claim to have been doing this with primefxrebates for a few months when only 1 months and 4 days had passed..

Identically worded reviews on the same day for the same broker is not a coincidence.

1. If you two don't know each other, who provided the text of the identically worded reviews?

2. How did you both leave reviews with time frames that conflicted with your original review wording? That part might almost be coincidence, but...

3. Why is forex_kitten, in a thread JonnyPean started that's not about rebates, bringing up primefxrebates?

I'm giving the two of you one last chance to come clean. If not, I'll follow policy and mark your reviews for primefxrebates as shill reviews and set them to Zero stars. This thread will be edited to note it involves shills and will be placed in the Spammers Hall of Shame. I'll also notify the broker you've named that there is evidence of fake reviews designed to use their name to promote primefxrebates.

I'll give you 48 hours from now.
Hi Admin, hope you are doing great :)

I Don't Know Primefx and BROKER NAME REMOVED Personally.

First of all, I am using this forum for a long and nowhere as a writer I have mentioned any brands name, and I don't know prime fx personally, as one of my friend asked my help to give a review which I did, I know its not legal, My sincere apology on that, but I did post reviews on many places online what I can do if someone copies and paste it, and to be honest I just helped my friend to give him some credit, If you want you can delete my posts, I do not want to stretch this, and I really don't know about the company.

Please grant this as a first-time mistake and remove my article if you think this is avoiding the forum policy.

Also, I have been writing original articles to get my expertise in Content writing.

What friend is asking each of you to leave fake reviews?

Both of you twice checked a box confirming...

1, My review is my own opinion based on my personal experience with the reviewed company
2. I have not been offered any payment or other incentive (like a bonus or discount) to write this review
3. I have no business or personal relationship with the reviewed company or any of its competitors, except as a client

Someone is behind this plan to promote primefxrebates by unethical and illegal means. Who is pulling the strings here?
Hi Admin, Please remove my article I don't want to get into this.. I just helped a friend that's it what can I do if someone copied it, I am nowhere associate with the company...

Hi Admin, Please remove my article I don't want to get into this.. I just helped a friend that's it what can I do if someone copied it, I am nowhere associate with the company...


The text of your article has been removed. Since you have chosen not to cooperate, you will now be banned and marked as a shill.

@forex_kitten , the clock is still ticking. Are you going to reveal who told you to leave fake reviews, or will you be joining Jonny?
forex kitten came online and decided not to reply.

Now both accounts are banned. I'll also be taking some other actions to discourage this form of unethical and illegal behavor.