Yes scam

Hi! My name is Anna and I wanted to ask all customers who lost their money to contact me on my email:
This guy has lost a lot of my money and I am not going to give up. His name is Mr. Khaled (probably Irman Khaled). I have paid him using Moneybookers so it is very easy to catch him.
Even if I lose my money, I dont want him to run his business any more. Even if he has already shut his web site and his Facebook page, I am sure he is gonna come back, cause it is the only job he can do. Lets all unite against him. I am going to open a case with all his emails and Skype chat and the proof of my payments. Please contact me:

Best regards,
Anna C.
Hi Anna,

Is it a same Profit Forex Signals ? Best Forex Trading Signals & Indicators Services ? I also victim of them, lost $1000.