Brand new to FPA and Brand New To Forex


Hello Everyone

I wanted to introduce myself and then start picking your brains. My name is Dave and I live in St. Louis MO USA. I have been playing with a demo account here and there with mild success. I am at the point where I want to nail down a good trading plan and try to make at least 30 pips a week.

Based on what I see here I feel I have come to the righ place. I do have one question I need answered if someone can help me out. Maybe I will find my answer after further explorations on the website maybe not, anyway here is my question.

What Forex broker in the USA do you suggest I open an account with? I would like the broker to have a platform that is web based and not something I have to install on a PC. Also, this broker should have an inpeccable track record. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!! :)

Thanks for reading, good luck in all of your endeavors and lets make some money!!



EFX is pretty well rated and has developed a web-based platform to replace the "less than user-friendly" one they had been using. They were a semi-independent affiliate of MB Trading, but just got bought out by MB. You might want to check the reviews on both companies and see if you can get set up on a demo to see if the platform meets your requirements.

If you want a broker that uses MT4, then it's kind of a "pick the least bad" competition. I use IBFX, but would only personally rate them as 2 to 2.5 stars.