Bull Markets Solutions problem

John & Bella

Dear Sir: I have been trading with a binary options company called Bull Markets Solutions Ltd since March 2016. Since I joined, it has been a bit of a rough ride one way or another, being constantly referred to different Account Managers. In early November, I decided to make a withdrawal. About a week after the withdrawal was supposed to be paid, all contacts by phone ceased, shortly after that, their website went down with a notice 'website under construction'. I have written to CEO of Bull Markets Solutions Ltd. who appears to be Robert Burns but have received no reply. Is there anyway that I can find out what has happened to this company as they appear to have stopped trading?
Constantly asked for more money. Now no contact. They wanted money up front for cancellation fee. BM have moved to 5 Percy St London. I sent small sum as partial fee but am told that the account sent to was fraudulent. Now supposedly BM have contacted me again requesting Cancellation Fee up front or I will loose all my investment. Is it sensible to put in more money to get - maybe - money back, or is it all a scam. The pressure is on. From the end of a mobile phone you do not know who or from where speaker is? I was also contacted by "Elite Business Solutions" claiming that it I pay Cancellation Fee they will get my money back - scammers?
First, whatever they promise or say, do NOT send them another cent.

Second, It doesn't matter if the next trade is insured by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and guaranteed to be a winner by the UN General Assembly, place no trades and make it plain that no trades are to be placed on your account.

Thirds, what's the domain name of this company? I don't want to drag an innocent company with a similar name into the thread.

Fourth, how, when, and how much did you deposit?

Fifth, any outside company contacting you out of the blue to "help" is very likely here to steal more from you. You may even get offers to help from FPA private messages. If any of those arrive, post the contents in this thread.
The escrow company used by Bull Markets, Systematic Professional and Financial Services Ltd has raied a complaint to Action Fraud - Tel No 03001232040 Ref no NFRC161201667. ( you can check out Action Fraud by Googleing it). "The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) sits alongside Action Fraud within the City of London Police which is the national policing lead for fraud". Any investors should do the same, and quote the Ref No.
I paid some of the "cancellation fee" on contact with Eric Johnston of Bull Markets beginning of Dec. However after Christmas contacted by James Clark of BM looking for cancellation Fee. When informed that I had sent small sum, he said that it was a scam by an ex BM employee who had left, and requested cancellation fee again. He said that there were only three of them left in the office and they were there to get clients money back. On receipt of cancellation fee they would send out "forms".

I have had the exact same experience as John & Bella and Henry32. Here is a list of the discussion points i have had.

* I have have been asked for a large sum of money to be paid to a holding cancellation account so my funds can then be allocated from the account, to be paid in Feb.
* I was told that this amount was because i had not had the original account for longer than 12months, and those that had their account for longer had been paid.
* I was told i would get that money back as its a different account and that some people had already paid into a fraudulent account.
* I was told that the trading account will run out of funds soon and i would probably end up not getting anything if i did not get pay my holding cancellation amount as the account will be drained.
* I was also told it was all or nothing... IE i could not pay a smaller amount to receive back a guaranteed smaller amount.
* I was also told that there were only 3 employees of Bull Markets still working, trying to sort this out.

Elite Business Solutions Ltd have also emailed me, but so far have resisted calling them.

I am not going to send anymore money and am reluctantly accepting i have lost my money. I knew this was a risk when i invested and have accepted that. I actually find the whole thing very embarrassing.
Bull Markets Solutions Ltd website is binary.bull-markets.com. Their Company Registration Number is 08745030. I have invested 10K plus. it is difficult to tell what is real or a scam, dealing only with name and mobile numbers. I can not afford to consider sending any more money. Do we wait and do nothing?
James Cark (working for BM) says that the three of them, are located in the office at Level 1, Devonshire House, Mayfair Place, London. Other staff are all gone. Perhaps someone could call and see if there really is anyone there at that office. I am unable to make contact with the reception at Devonshire house, to enable some checking.
Wow, bull-markets.com is under construction, but they've got a binary casino operating on a subdomain.

Domain created on 2015-10-15

Registrant Name: graham campbell
Registrant Organization: graham campbell
Registrant Street: 45 shepard lane
Registrant City: carlow
Registrant State/Province: carlow
Registrant Postal Code: CB11 3EB
Registrant Country: GB
Registrant Phone: +44.1254896578
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant Email: grahamcampbell@tutanota.com
Registry Admin ID:
Admin Name: Brian campbell
Admin Organization: Brian campbell
Admin Street: 45 shepard lane
Admin City: carlow
Admin State/Province: carlow
Admin Postal Code: CB11 3EB
Admin Country: GB
Admin Phone: +44.1254896578
Admin Phone Ext:
Admin Fax Ext:
Admin Email: briancampbell@tutanota.com

Send the link to this thread to every address you can find for Bull Markets, and CC both Brian and Graham. Ask them all to come here and explain why you can't get access to your money.
The address at Devonshire House was only a registration address, as their new one at 5 Percy Street. The company handling the registration at Percy Street is L A S International Solutions Ltd. Write and complain also to them as well as Action Fraud. James Clark keeps calling me and now admits that he is not at Devonshire house, but insists that he is employed to sort out Bull Markets, and that payment fund is now getting low. Quite a lot of money is involved if returned as promised, but I can not afford even a couple of K
I had the same calls from the so called James Clark, have paid the fees but surprise surprise as soon as he has the money he`s now not returning any calls.

I will be issuing winding up notice next week and yes have contacted UK fraud, and the insolvency authority.

Have now traced Robert Burns and waiting his reply will post outcome