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Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by don007, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. don007

    don007 Recruit

    Dec 18, 2017
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    Hi everyone.

    My name is Ashric, I opened an account with CMS TRADER.COM and deposited $500 on 19 July 2017. I decided to open an account after Michael Taylor convinced me that they will send my signals. He told me that I will be contact by my account manager Chris Miller.

    Chris Miller contacted me and told me that he will provide me with training. During our first training session he asked me how much more I can deposit into my trading account. I told him that I have read some bad reviews about CMS Trader. He told me all companies have bad reviews. Chris also send me this link https://www.vfsc.vu/wp-content/uplo...ecurities-Licensing-Act-CAP-70-02.06.2017.pdf , to proof that CMS TRADER is regulated. They are registered under name Safe side trading limited, no 350 on the regulated list mentioned above.

    After Chris Miller convinced me that he can trade on my account I deposited in total $3100 by 3 November 2017.Chris is a really skillful trader and he made a small profit on the first day he traded on my account. That was also the last day Chris traded on my account. I decided to withdraw all my funds because I could not find time to trade and also need the money to pay some bills.

    I requested to withdraw all my funds on 5 November 2017. It's now 3 January 2018 and I still did not receive my funds. I contacted customer service and each time they referred me to my Account Manager, Chris. Chris told me on 18 December 2017 that he will release my funds and it should be in my bank account in the next 3 working days. On 27 December 2017, I contacted Chris Miller again because my funds was not paid into my bank account. He told me they have some delays on all their withdrawals and that my funds should be in bank account after New Year, 1 January 2018. I contacted customer service again today, 3 January 2018 whereby they promised me that the financial department will contact me. I contacted Chris Miller on Whatsapp today, 3 Jan 2018 but he did not respond.

    Today 3 January 2018 I received two emails from CMS Trader, in the first email they confirm that they received my withdrawal request. In the 2nd email they confirm that my request has been approved and my funds will be transferred to my bank account. I don't have faith in CMS Trader they full of promises. I just hope they not lying. I should know in the next 2 days if my funds was transferred to my bank account. I will keep everyone updated.

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  2. FxMaster

    FxMaster Lt. Colonel

    Oct 17, 2011
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    Few steps that you must follow to draw their attention to your issue,
    Follow the suggested steps below:

    If you deposited your money via credit card then contact the credit card customer care asap and ask them to file a chargeback.
    Go to their website and invite them to here via Live Chat
    Invite them to join this thread via email (Send an email to every possible address).

    You will find their email and address here https://www.cmstrader.com/contact-us

    Also, Share your story as a review http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/forex-reviews/12175/www.cmstrader.com

    You can also share your story on their social media pages mentioned below:




    Note: Don’t forget to update your review/s when you got solution of your problem, Best Of Luck
  3. The Reaper of F

    The Reaper of F Private

    Aug 7, 2017
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    Wow? I am quite "impressed" with Mr.Chris's way of handling such matter. There's another case filed on CMS too as well. I guessed trader have to be woke with certain brokers nowadays.
  4. Osman123

    Osman123 Recruit

    Jun 1, 2018
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    السلام عليكم

    هذه اكبر شركة نصابة في مجال الفوركس ، تم النصب علي واريد ان اتقدم بشكوي ضدهم ، وتحذير الجميع من التعامل مع هذه الشركة
    جميع ارقام الاتصال الخاصة بهم واسماهم موجودة لدي

    الله يعوضك اخي ويعوضنا جميعا

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