Hi everyone.

I am here to warn that could be a scam. I don't know how many ppl already fell as victims but hope it stops here.
I was approached and asked to invest YNF which is a pre listed coin and was told that able to sell it before it go on other selling platform, during the period , u cannot sell it. I started off with only a small amount but the person ,who approached me , seemed to put her own coin to my wallet to trade to gain my trust.
As selling date closing up, you need to fulfill requirements after requirements to sell it . Now the I am stuck there.. stupid me .. the lady who introduced me dogfex, to be honest, I am confused if she is part of it.
Never imagine I would end up in this situation. Blame myself. Stay alert guys
Yep it does sound like a scam to be fair.

Just got to be aware of this in future and not fall for it again. This industry is full of snakes unfortunately.