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Problem Exposing BROKERZ.com, Brokerz.co and its scam environment

I am having an issue with a company

Scam Reporters

Sergeant Major
Amongst many scam names out there, Brokerz with 'z' did stand out, not only by inventive name but because of its merciless rip-off nature. Well deserved.

Plenty of bad reviews:
Plenty of regulator warnings:
British FCA
Aussie ASIC
Austrian FMA
Italian CONSOB displayed via Malta MFSA
Bulgarian FSC
Spanish CNMV

The apparent operator (as declared by Brokerz.com website at the time) is Brokerz Ltd from SVG, offshore. It may or be accurate but is less important. The important name is ALL MEDIA EOOD, the processor of payments and day to day work. A Bulgarian company that may be a bit hard to locate in the registrar, probably due to it's native written name: ОлМедия ЕООД, https://allmedia.online/ currently under name Compix LTD, rasna Polanya district, Gaytantsi St., Sofia 1373

; https://ip-46.com/ scam verdict on company's IP address, hack attacks reported.

All Media Ltd company registrations:

VAT number BG203873556, founded 2016, sole capital owner and Manager Mrs ANI VALCHENOVA REZHANKOVA a.k.a. Ani Valchanova, holder of 24 different companies. So, a professional 'monkey' or to put politely - a nominee holder on behalf of ultimate beneficial owner(s), from the usual countries in scam forex world like Israel, Georgia or Ukraine. Legally, the lady should be liable to each and every damaged investor.
By the way, another interesting Bulgarian company name, held by the very same lady: https://bird.bg/tr/?v=view&guid=205470721 Brokerz Biz EOOD !

This lady is also sole owner of UK company called NARUDA LIMITED:

Naruda Limited is the declared operator of well known scam called Way2Finance (way2finance.com) part of the same vast scam group, education scam in forex and lead generation for scam websites like Brokerz and many more (link) and can be used as PSP intermediary to be integrated in payment processors such as Praxis Cashier, proven to facilitate almost exclusively scams, for a fat fee.


This 'Brokerz scam' has boiler rooms in Bulgaria (as described above), Serbia and Albania.

Albanian boiler room:

Located in Tirana, Albania, a company called 3 FID TECH or 3fidtech; call center agents, some outsourced locally from other call centers, IT, Backoffice support, websites SEO and marketing activities, etc.

LinkedIn IT employee:


HR manager, from Israel:


Things we publish on FPA are not only speculations and deep research, but also result of vast whistleblower network, spanning across many countries. Take this Trustpilot post for example, that proves our point: https://www.trustpilot.com/users/5fb3d7e441c6ee001a1d324a

The connection between 3fidtech and Brokerz scam group comes shortly, with presenting Serbian boiler room. 3fidtech is more then a call center place in a specific country.

Serbian boiler room:

A call center named GLOBAL-TECH DOO Belgrade (as of 2019), formerly know as TIKTAK SERVICES SOLUTION DOO (2017-2019), just changed name and niminee holder in registrar, operates Brokerz and (many) related scams:

Director registered as one Bulgarian citizen, Mrs Krasimira Branimirova Tsvetkova, but more importantly, Albanian 3fidtech emerges as clear connection - see email address in official registrar of companies marija.m@3fidtech.com:



An employee rating from 2018 complains about leads, PSPs, pitches from scripts, revealing the nature of company business:


Tiktak Services Solutions DOO, as former name of company/call center has a very interesting Foundation Act, pls see name - Derivolkov Vadim:


Mr Vadim Derivolkov holds a company in Bulgaria since 2019, exactly when Tiktak Services changed nominee owner and became Global-Tech.
Company name in Bulgaria is LOLEKTECH LTD:

But that's not as important as this: please google valim.3fidtech.com (it's just 1 letter difference valim instead of vadim). Now it gets more serious and connects many scams into 1 single network:

3fidtech has 2 domains registered:


While Brokerz.com has interesting domain history, from Germany since 2013 (usually displayed as the year of their business start on brokerz.com website)

So a German Martin Schwager had a company BROKERZ UG, Kulmbach, Germany reg. no. HRB64033


Then was succeeded by Michael Veit, same company:

Weather it means anything or not is not up top us to asses and comment.

In conclusion: the scams operated in addition to Brokerz.com are extensive, some are indicated here but there is more. They operate to this day and in fact increase the 'portfolio' of 'brands' handled. It's a booming business in the Balkans.

Interested parties from EU should look into this information, as they are indicative and lead to organized cybercrime spanning from Israel to Eastern Europe, including many 'famous' fintech names as well as their local supporters.

Time to wake up and call for action.

BrokerZ, Globalix, Tradesrun, Tradixa et all Albanian boiler rooms down.