Exposing FXGTrade.com and ForexGrand.com

Scam Reporters

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This thread will be a short one as besides whistle-blower's information on boiler room location, there is not much to add, that wasn't already published.

FXG Trade on FPA is more then enough to label a scam: FPA review 1 star. Same goes for ForexGrand FPA review 1 star. Both scams were operated from 2 boiler rooms in the period of 2017-2019, give or take. Both had some lame offshore p.o. box 'companies', not worth mentioning. Both ripped off pretty well - warnings: ForexGrand FCA, FXG Trade FSMA, etc. From our information, ForexGrand had a sort of 'seniority' in the scam group.

ForexGrand scam was operated in Nordic Pearl EOOD (local company number 204148087), Sofia, Bulgaria, as Bulgarian authorities (FSC) already stated in 2018 in this document: link (btw, lots of others were mentioned here)
FXGTrade was operated in GloCap Solutions DOO (local company number 21322687), Belgrade, Serbia, which is the part of the scam not published anywhere else, up to now. Company details link. Registered as consultancy company. Changed nominee local owners and addresses, even cities, more frequently than any other. The reason is this - after ceasing to operate a scam, local gang continues to perform illegal money laundering up to this day.

One of the scam call center agents LinkedIn profile: link. Another (possible) one: link

Local job hiring website is most informative: link
According to posting, the 'company' (scam group of international cyber criminals-online thieves) has 10 locations in it's vast 'portfolio'. Romania, Bulgaria (2 call centers), Moldova, Albania, Czech, Poland, Ukraine, Israel and Serbia. We are 100% sure they operate much more scam brands.

While domain check for FXGTrade turns to be a dead-end, ForexGrand is more informative. Some Tix Group Limited registered the domain few years ago and they hold some others: link. This 'diamantehq.com' can be apparently found in Poland - link. Maybe it's the call center location, who knows...

The aim of this thread is to make a permanent record of scam boiler room for any future reference. Otherwise, such information is easily lost after a few years, which is scammers intent, off course. We are so sorry to spoil their clever plans.