Hello, I have been scammed by a company called Fast Signals and Every-Option(broker) for binary trading. Jenny Shaw from Fast Signals contacted me by email promising to assist in forex trading signals. She then asked me to invest 1000USD at Every-Option. Her signals don't work. I asked for my money but they said that I have to trade 30 X 750 USD.

I have not lost any of my money, just their bonus.
Here's the part that sucks. If you accept a bonus and don't make enough trades to collect it, then any losses come from your capital first and the bonus second. Almost every broker that offers bonuses operates this way.

So, what this means is that you never lost any of their bonus, just your money.
I think the Fast-Signal Jenny Shaw operation is quite slick. They (fast-signals) offer you their managed account service. Once you make a deposit for them to then begin managing your account, they trade on your behalf.

Once you file a request to withdraw do you then only realize that you have been scammed. They then cut all ties and run away with whatever was made off of your original $1000. In my case it was $14000 and on the platform, the withdrawal has been approved. Jenny has since stopped replying to any of my emails and has cut me out of the chat groups. I would assume that she has performed the withdrawal and just vanished...
My suggestion is always read T&C about Bonuses first. Its not that much easy like now a days company offering 50% bonuses.
man i was never a fan of any bonuses in the first place, its a bit of an old thread, I wonder if she got to withdraw her/his money.