434 Cashback program: get back up to 150% of commission

Do you want your trading to be even more profitable? Large spreads and commissions can overshadow the joy of any financial victory. provides its clients with conditions in which such negative emotions do not exist! is in the top 5 ECN/DMA brokers with the lowest spreads and commissions. In addition, we offer the Cashback program in which you can get cashback from transactions. You don’t need to contact third-party services to get back some of the trading costs. You can get your cashback directly from! Today we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions we received from traders about the Cashback program.

How can I benefit from the Cashback program?

• One of the highest cashback amounts. The return of funds is up to 150% of the basic partner commission* for each trade, including loss-making ones.
• No need to use third-party rebate services. You don’t need to sign up for an account on third-party resources – the process of crediting payments is fully automated.
• You can withdraw funds without restrictions. All funds received in the Cashback program can be fully withdrawn or used for trading immediately after they are credited.

* Standard commission (basic partner commission)—percentage of the commission—is the base value used in calculating the cashback and partner commission. It equals 2.4 pips (5-decimal pricing) per trade on STP accounts and 15% of commission on ECN and Crypto accounts.

How can I join the program and start receiving cashback?

The Cashback program is available for new clients. You don’t need to take any action to join the program—cashback will be automatically credited to your Commission account.

What is the maximum cashback I can get?

The amount of cashback depends on the total margin used on all client’s accounts. The maximum cashback per trade is $100.

Can I calculate the approximate amount of cashback in advance?

Cashback calculation formula: Standard Commission x Cashback coefficient. You can find the coefficients and an example of cashback calculation for ECN account in the table below:

Make more money with the reliable broker by joining the Cashback program! is in the financial market since 2004!
Will cryptocurrencies keep the downtrend in 2019? Crypto forecast from

The Bitcoin price collapse in 2018 caused the fall of the entire cryptocurrency market. The most popular cryptocurrency fell by about 73%, and the total market capitalization fell by 90%. This year, Bitcoin celebrates its 10th anniversary. Since the beginning of the year, the price of the cryptocurrency has been relatively stable. Want to know what to expect from the cryptocurrency market in 2019? In this post, will share the main expectations and forecasts from market participants.

▲ Promising start. The first week of 2019 was positive for cryptocurrencies: on January 6, the Bitcoin price jumped by 5% to $4030 in just a few minutes. This sudden growth has caused fluctuations in the prices of other assets: Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and EOS prices showed daily growth of 3% to 12%. Many crypto traders expect the uptrend to continue and the market capitalization to increase.

▲ Record lows and dizzying rise? The dominant forecast for cryptocurrencies for the first half of the year is as follows: in the near future, the prices of the main cryptocurrencies will be in an uptrend, which will increase the number of sell orders, and the currency will reach new lows. However, by the end of 2019, the price will stop falling and the cryptocurrency market will slowly enter a new bullish phase.

▲ Outside support. According to estimates, the media tried to bury Bitcoin about 90 times in 2018, but the negative trend of last year did not affect traders: crypto assets still cause a keen interest of investors and large companies.

This means that cryptocurrencies have a trump card up their sleeve: in the near future, such major players as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup will enter the market, which will certainly support it. And that's not all. The operator of the New York stock exchange ICE is preparing to launch a platform for major investors Bakkt at the end of January. Bitcoin futures will be the main instrument on the platform.

▲ Old problems will persist. The cryptocurrency world is still influenced by factors that are not predictable. Hacker attacks and decisions of regulators from various countries are among them. Many experts continue to consider crypto assets as one of the most aggressive investment tools, but do not deny that this is a good way to make a profit.

Good trading conditions on ECN Crypto accounts at is your chance to make money on cryptocurrency price fluctuations!

• Minimum lot 0.01 with 1:3 leverage
• 43 trading instruments: cryptocurrency pairs with Bitcoin, US dollar and Euro
• Spread size depends on liquidity
• Commission is only 0.5% of the amount in base currency
• Trading available 24/7
• Instant order execution within 200-300 ms
• Web, mobile and desktop MetaTrader4 terminals
• Deposit in cryptocurrencies with 0% commission: BTC, LTC, BCH

Regardless of whether cryptocurrency prices fall or rise, you can make money on price fluctuations with the crypto broker
Crypto portfolio guide with #2

In the ‘Crypto portfolio’ section, we continue to introduce you to the well-known, but less popular cryptocurrencies. Today we’ll pay attention to the next three cryptocurrency assets that you can start trading now on the most favorable terms from Maybe among them is exactly what is missing in your trading portfolio?

1. LiteCoin (LTC) is an alternative cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin principles and software (second after Namecoin). Litecoin differs from Bitcoin in a higher blocking rate. The Litecoin rate experienced a sharp increase in November 2013, when the capitalization of the currency exceeded $ 1 billion. It is noteworthy that since the beginning of 2017 Litecoin showed an increase of 2000%, the peak rate was $92.07. Then the rate fell sharply after the news that cryptocurrencies are banned in China.

Launched: October 12, 2011
Current price: $30,47
Total capitalization: $3,43 billion

2. PeerCoin (PPC) shares a significant part of the source code and technical implementation with Bitcoin. Unlike other well-known cryptocurrencies, the Peercoin commission does not go to miners or other members of the network, but is destroyed. This limits inflation, since the emission of coins is unlimited.

Launched: 2013
Current price: $0,57
Total capitalization: $25,24 million

3. EOS demonstrated the most successful ICO in the entire history of cryptocurrencies ($4 billion investment in record time!). Now it is the main competitor of Ethereum, because from the very beginning EOS was positioned as an improved version of Ethereum. The EOS project is a kind of software that is represented by integrated blockchain technologies and the possibility of horizontal and vertical scaling of applications. This result was achieved through the creation of a project resembling an operating system.

Launched: summer 2017
Current price: $2,23
Total capitalization: $5,17 billion

Want to diversify your trading portfolio with cryptocurrencies? provides favorable conditions!

• Fast speed of order execution (200-300 ms) allows you to promptly react to price movements and place orders at the best available prices.
• Wide choice of pairs available for trading (35 pairs with dollar, Euro and Bitcoin). This allows you to make your trading portfolio not only properly balanced, but also more profitable.
• No restrictions on trading and slippage control mechanism make your trading comfortable and safe.
• Deposits in cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. There is no commission on deposit!
• To get the most out of cryptocurrencies, you can use PAMM Service.
• You will get access to trading anywhere and anytime thanks to the MT4 mobile and web terminals.
• Automatic participation in the Crypto Cashback program.

Secure cryptocurrency trading is available on Crypto accounts based on ECN technology. has been offering cryptocurrency trading since 2014!
ECN spread statistics from for December 2018

Dear Clients,

Have you already tried out all new trading opportunities offered by in 2018? Let us remind you that has significantly expanded the pool of its crypto-instruments that gives you even more space to implement your trading strategies.

Our toolkit was supplemented by such assets, as Ripple, BitCoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, IOTA, Monero, EOS, NEO and OMNI, which are presented in pairs with Bitcoin, dollar and euro. The full list of 35 available crypto-instruments of you can find here.

Also we would like to note that it is not only convenient, but also beneficial, to use digital cash in! You can deposit, withdraw your funds, and perform internal transactions using the most beneficial payment method – Bitcoin, which excludes any additional conversion costs.

In order to show you that provides the best trading conditions in the FX-market, we would like to draw your attention to our average spreads on ECN-accounts for the previous month, which obviously reflect the quality of our services.

Average spreads for December, 2018:
(November’18 spreads are shown in brackets)

Interested in trading the most popular crypto-tools in the rapidly growing market of digital cash, but do not know how to start?

Then do not waste your time! Open a crypto-account in and start earning.

The most beneficial conditions for crypto and FX-trading are only in! Learn more.

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Make money with the tightest spreads with! Statistics for 2018

Spreads are one of the important conditions for traders when choosing a broker. has long been among the top 5 ECN/DMA brokers with the tightest spreads, which allows traders to minimize trading costs and get the highest profits. To confirm this with statistics, today we’ll share a summary of average spreads in 2018 for the most popular currency pairs.

The data in the table below is provided by Myfxbook, an independent service to which ECN account is connected for online monitoring. The service allows traders to view the values of spreads, swaps and commissions and compare them with those of other brokers.

Spread statistics on ECN accounts for 2018

It is noteworthy that for 8 of the 10 most popular trading instruments at the average spread was below 1 pip. For comparison, at the end of 2017, there were 7 instruments with an average spread below 1 pip.

The broker is constantly working to improve trading conditions. If you compare the results of 2017 and 2018, you can see that the spreads have become lower: for example, for GBP/USD, the spread has decreased from 0.9 to 0.7 pips. Spreads decreased for 8 out of 10 pairs. provides the best conditions for any type of trading:

• Fast speed of order execution (200-300 ms) allows you to react to price fluctuations and keep abreast of financial events.
• Two account types: STP and 3 types of ECN accounts.
• Small initial deposit: only 50 USD on STP account.
• No trade restrictions: you can use all trading strategies.
• Leverage up to 1:500.
• 49 currency pairs, gold and silver available for trading.

Take advantage of tight spreads and get the maximum profit with the reliable broker!
15 years of impeccable reputation! Why your referrals choose

This year, is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary. All these years the company has been rapidly developing, adding new tools and improving the quality of customer service. The Partnership program has become an important part of the broker's services and a profitable online business for Partners. If you want to have additional income in the financial markets, we’ll tell you why referrals choose and what benefits our Partners get.

What is the Partnership program and who can join it. If you have a personal blog, like to chat on forums, discuss trading conditions and advise novice traders how to start—then the Partnership program is a perfect choice for a stable passive income. All you need to do is generate an IB link in your personal area and use the link on forums, in private messages or any other resources. If a user clicked the link, opened a trading account, made a deposit and started trading, then you get a profit of up to $100 from each trade.

What benefits of will help you attract referrals? Good trading conditions, high quality of service and a wide range of innovative tools have always been a priority of the broker. We offer a set of tools for successful trading and investment. Why many professional traders and investors choose

Time-tested reliability. is about to reach an important milestone—15 years of operation in the Forex market, which is a significant number for a Forex broker. All this time the company has an impeccable reputation: timely payouts (we process 99% of withdrawal requests on the same day), modern trading technologies and favorable trading conditions are our top priorities.
ECN/STP trading technology. Trading at is available on three account types: STP, ECN and Crypto ECN. There is no conflict of interest between the broker and clients, orders are transferred to the interbank market and processed instantly at a speed of 200-300 ms at the best available price.
Variety of trading instruments. The company monitors trends in the financial markets and is constantly expanding the list of instruments available for trading. offers 52 currency pairs, metals and cryptocurrencies available for trading. For crypto traders, we offer 43 pairs of cryptocurrencies with dollar, Euro, Bitcoin and the Russian ruble.
Trading is not enough? Use our PAMM service to trade and attract subscribers’ funds. On the PAMM service, Providers use their knowledge and trading experience to attract funds from Subscribers for mutual benefit. Your referrals will appreciate the quality of the PAMM service and its benefits for Providers and Subscribers. ensures the safety and security of the trader’s capital. The MT4 trading terminal has a built-in slippage protection mechanism that helps to reduce losses and get the maximum profit from trades. It is useful in high-frequency trading where the execution price can change rapidly depending on market conditions.
All trading strategies allowed. There are no restrictions on trading strategies at we allow high-frequency trading, hedging and locking of open positions, there are no restrictions on the maximum number of traded lots, the minimum Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, the time of keeping a position open and much more. Traders can choose their preferred trading strategy.

Don't know where to start? We offer a no deposit Welcome bonus! promo allows you to get a no deposit $15 Welcome bonus in a few simple steps. Your referrals can use the bonus amount to test trading on an STP account at without the risk of losing their money.

Become a partner of the progressive and dynamic broker and start building your profitable online business!
Individual commission discounts for L-A-R-G-E trading volumes on ECN accounts

If you trade large volumes and are used to paying large commissions for trading, we have good news for you. At, large trading volumes do not mean high costs.

The broker offers personal discounts on ECN commission for professional traders generating large trading volumes. The discount is available to all clients using any trading strategy, including scalping and HFT trading.

How is the discount calculated?

The discount is determined individually for each client. The more lots you trade per month, the greater the discount. We also take into account the amount of the client's deposit, but this is of secondary importance. The client can get 10%, 20%, 30% or even 50% discount on commission on their ECN account.

You can choose one of the trading accounts available at

Basic ECN: The standard commission is 5 units of base currency per 100 000 (1 lot).
Advanced ECN: The standard commission is 2.5 units of base currency per 100 000 (1 lot).
Premium ECN: The standard commission is 1.8 units of base currency per 100 000 (1 lot).

The discount is available for all types of accounts. If you trade large trading volumes, you can enjoy the following benefits:

• Fast speed of order execution (200 ms)
• Hedging
• Tight spreads from 0.0 pips

Is your trading volume 100, 200, 500 or 1000 lots? You can reduce your trading costs! Take advantage of the offer and get a personal commission discount on your trading account!

To get your personal discount, please contact us at or via Live Chat. — 15 years of successful operation in financial markets!
#10yearschallenge with!

Today broker takes part in the popular online challenge #10yearschallenge! Let us remember the most important events that took place 10 years ago, in 2009. A lot has happened in 10 years: currency rates showed dizzying highs and lows, Bitcoin showed incredible price growth and influenced other cryptocurrencies. During these 10 years, there have been many positive changes at that you have experienced with us, but there is one thing that remains unchanged — our reliability.

Over the past ten years, has been working steadily to improve trading conditions: we implemented progressive ECN/STP technology, PAMM platform, increased leverage to 1:500, reduced the minimum deposit to $50 and introduced a wide range of new trading instruments, including cryptocurrency pairs. All client orders are transferred to the interbank market, which eliminates the conflict of interest.

Convenience of trading and company’s reputation are our main priorities. provides tight spreads and low trading fees, which allows the broker to be among the TOP 5 ECN/DMA brokers in the Forex market with the tightest spreads for many years.

There's more! offers the following promo campaigns to clients:

• No-deposit $15 Welcome bonus to an STP account for new clients. The promo is valid for clients who registered their first trading account at after September 1, 2015.
“Try signals for free”: You can improve your trading by copying the signals of professional traders on the MQL Signal Service. compensates up to $50 of subscription cost for the first month.
“ helps you to make money”: Each client who made a deposit to an ECN account can get a reduced trading commission of only $1.
“Deposit with 0% commission!”: clients can deposit via credit/debit cards with 0% commission or get the bank commission refund for wire transfer deposits over $3000.

Over the past ten years, has not received any complaints from clients. See for yourself: safe and profitable trading on Forex without a conflict of interest is real! — reliable services in the Forex market since 2004.
Changes to server time settings

Dear Clients,

Please note, MetaTrader 4 (MT4) server time is changing to GMT +3 (daylight saving time).

On Sunday, March 10th, 2019, the GMT offset in the company’s trading platform MT4 will be set to GMT +3.

Although the change should not affect open trades or the process of opening, placing, closing or modifying orders. However, we strongly recommend adjusting the GMT offset in Indicators and Expert Advisors to GMT +3 to match server time.

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Your premier ECN broker,
ECN spread statistics from for January 2019

Dear Clients,

Since the company was established, team has never deviated from its goal, which is to create the most profitable environment for professional trading. And relying on many years of experience, a lot of innovative technological solutions and professionalism of company’s employees, team is proud to say that we have managed to maintain the highest standards of the industry. Using services of, you will always have the best trading terms on the financial market, professional support of our employees and many other competitive advantages, offered by

And in order to prove it, let us draw your attention to one of several indicators of our trading conditions, which perfectly reflects the advantage of our company among other brokers, as well as the compatibility of our environment with any existing trading strategies.

Average spreads for January, 2019:

(December’18 spreads are shown in brackets)

Are you new to Then start trading and get part of the commission for trading in back to your account!

Now, for all new customers, a new cashback program is available at! Do not miss your chance!

More information about Cashback program you will find here.

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Your premier ECN broker,