435 Margin Requirements for Currency Pairs

Dear Traders,

You may recall that on March 17, increased margin requirements by up to 5 times their normal level for currency pairs, indices, metals and commodities.

Please note that on May 4 we have returned the margin requirements for currency pairs to their normal value.

Cryptocurrencies are unaffected by this change.

Please consider these circumstances when planning your forthcoming trading activities.

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Test drive Non-farm Payrolls at broker's expense!

Today at 15:30 Moscow time one of the most important statistics of the American economy - Non-farm Payrolls - will be published. Forex professionals know that the release of such important news is always accompanied by a chance to get an impressive profit. That is why offers its customers to test drive trading conditions and appreciate tight spreads on the real market without any risks or own investments!

For those who wish to participate in a test drive, offers a no-deposit bonus of $15 on an STP account. All profit earned during the test drive be can be withdrawn or invested in further trading on your STP account.

Why today? For each trader Non-farm Payrolls always has a significant place in the economic calendar - these data are included in the list of “main reports of the month” in the USA. NFP reflects the change in the number of people employed outside the agricultural sector during the previous month. The more vacancies are created in the market, the more attractive the US national currency becomes for market participants. In addition, NFP reflects the real state of the US economy amid the panic situation on the markets due to the coronavirus.

Are you ready to get a shot of adrenaline while news trading with

Open an STP account in
• Send a trading account statement from a previous broker showing a deposit of at least $50 during the last year
• $15 for a test drive will be credited to your account as a no-deposit welcome bonus.

Important! The promotion is available to customers who have registered their first trading account with after September 1, 2015.

Why is news trading with so profitable?

• For several years has been among the five ECN / DMA brokers with the tightest spreads and lowest Forex commissions.
• Instant execution of orders ensures the best execution price for you.
• The terminal has a built-in slippage protection mechanism, so that you can have more opportunities to make profit and save the deposit amount when the price significantly jumps.
• No trading restrictions - feel free to use any trading strategy.

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Forex and coronavirus: what will happen after

The pandemic of coronavirus caused a significant increase of public interest in financial markets in general and Forex trading in particular. The beginning of 2020 has shown higher figures in daily market turnover compared to the same periods of previous years. The pandemic has already had a huge impact on financial and stock markets. And today will try to figure out what will happen to the Forex market when the quarantine is over and the pandemic comes to an end.

Most official economic forecasts boil down to the fact that the situation in the world will begin to take a course towards normalization not earlier than by summer - it is the time when experts and markets expect a recovery in the economy. However, everyone agrees that the recovery will take place rather slowly, although there are several scenarios for the possible course of events. Thus, according to the IMF, the budget deficit of most countries in the eurozone will reach 10% of GDP.

According to the first scenario, the market may hang in a peculiar suspended state “between the bull and the bear” while at any second it is ready to get into rallying. In this case, the global economic recovery will occur a little faster than expected. However, this will only happen if the pandemic does not continue for too long. Borders will open, production will begin to recover, oil will return to growth.

Another scenario is feasible if the pandemic continues, which could trigger a global recession. In this case the economic shock can last for about a year, as a result the global economic growth rate will be minimal. It will significantly affect the global financial and stock markets.

The situation on the markets at the moment is the following: traders are looking for the best time to buy assets while keeping in mind the data on the number of patients. The hints of a possible breakdown in the trend are regarded as a signal for mass purchases. Most likely such fluctuations will continue afterwards as well - the release of fresh macroeconomic statistics will help assess the damage caused and will serve as a signal.
In addition, throughout 2020, we can expect an even greater increase in the demand for remote sources of income where it's possible to work right from your home. It happens not only due to the increase in the number of people who lost their jobs during the coronavirus crisis, but also to the revision of the methods for generating income during the forced quarantine. After all, there are no bosses on Forex, no strict daily routine, and the amount of income is unlimited. It only takes to choose a reliable and responsible broker.

The favorable conditions of the broker help traders to make profits at any time - during a crisis, pandemic or during the period of economic recovery

• Two types of accounts - ECN and STP. provides direct access to the interbank market with an instant execution speed of 200-300 ms.
• is one of the TOP 5 ECN / DMA brokers with the tightest Forex spreads.
• High leverage of 1: 500 allows you to make a profit even with small investment amounts as the minimum deposit of an STP account is only $ 50.
• Absolutely no trading restrictions. removes all restrictions on the choice of a trading strategy: automated methods of trading, hedging, scalping, etc. are fully available.
• Trading security. The MT4 trading platform has a built-in slippage protection mechanism.

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Do not panic! Earn with during the crisis

No panic! This anti-coronavirus message can also be passed on to traders. Safe and stable trading conditions of the broker are especially important for regular earnings now during the pandemic and the crisis on the financial markets. We have figured the conditions traders of especially appreciate, and here are our TOP-5 reasons to move to the broker during the crisis.

Reason № 1. Advanced technology and favorable conditions. is based on the use of high-level ECN / STP modern technologies which ensures the instant processing speed of 200-300 ms. During a crisis on the markets any news can affect the movement of exchange rates, which is why the execution speed and the possibility to respond immediately to market changes are so important.

In addition, provides customers with the highly convenient Client Personal area which includes access to multi-currency e-Wallet and additional trader tools that can increase the efficiency of professional trading.

Reason №2. Spread control. Spreads always have a significant impact on trading results, especially while News trading or sharp market movements. For several years has been one of the TOP 5 ECN / DMA brokers with the tightest spreads and lowest commissions. It's also possible to observe our live spreads online on broker's ECN accounts on the independent monitoring service Myfxbook.

Reason №3. No trading restrictions. Traders are free to use absolutely any trading strategy. has no restrictions on the duration of open positions or placing orders on the market, no restrictions on the minimum value of Stop Loss or Take Profit. All you need to do is focus on the current market situation and adjust your trading to it.

Reason №4. Variety of trading accounts. There are 3 types of accounts available for trading in ECN, STP and ECN-Crypto. For greater convenience ECN account has three sub-types, all of them have their own advantages. It is important to note that the minimum deposit to start trading in is only $ 50, which makes Forex available to everyone even during the crisis. For a Crypto account the minimum deposit is even smaller - only $ 10.

Reason №5. Extra protection. The MetaTrader 4 trading terminal has a built-in mechanism for automatic protection against slippage, which provides traders with an additional level of security during market unrest. The mechanism compares the price level of the requested order with the available execution price, and if the difference exceeds the allowed slippage value the execution is interrupted and the order is rejected.

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For all new customers who have registered an STP account with the company for the first time, gives an opportunity to test the real market with a bonus of $ 15. Detailed conditions are available on the official website.

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435 improves trading conditions on ECN accounts

Dear traders, broker is pleased to announce a reduction in commissions on MT4 ECN accounts. Now the half-turn commission is $3.5 per lot for deposits of up to 1,000 USD and a trading volume of up to 5,000,000.

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Coronavirus and robot trading

Trading robots have long gained popularity on the Forex market. However, the coronavirus pandemic that is prevailing in the world now has had a significant impact not only on the exchange rates of major world currencies, but also on trading strategies. Today we will break down for you whether it is worth using trading robots now and what conditions the broker offers.

The world quarantine has become a time of really high volatility for the markets. For some traders the movements of the most popular trading instruments resulted in large profits, but for others lead to significant losses. Trading robots during a pandemic can still be really effective but you need to be careful with the fact that during a period of higher volatility any robot requires reconfiguration, more precisely, of acceptable risks or potential take profits.

Which advisers are most effective? How well the robot will work now depends on a number of factors, in particular, the fact on what basis the adviser is built. In the time of great trends expert advisors based on trend indicators work well. In the future, such advisers can bring enough profit when the markets begin to compensate for the losses caused by the collapse of exchanges and the situation with the virus in general.

Another important parameter for successful robot trading is a performance check: does the terminal have a stable connection with the broker, is auto-trading enabled or not, the level of drawdown on the account, and so on. If something goes wrong, it is important to reconfigure the adviser on time in order to protect your equity.

What is the advantage of robot trading during quarantine?
• Greater coverage. There are a lot of available trading tools and sometimes a trader is not capable of covering all this volume manually. A robot can handle this.
• Lack of emotion. Being in quarantine and self-isolation can make people have overly emotional reactions to what is happening on the market. With high volatility in trading stress and emotional factor can lead to fatal mistakes. Robots are programs, they will not doubt in making decisions.

Who can use robot trading during quarantine?
• For novice traders robot trading can be a good start for accumulating capital, since it does not require in-depth knowledge.
• For experienced traders it can be used as an alternative tool of trading portfolio and for accumulating additional profit.
• New opportunities are opening up for market professionals: in the free time you can try your own hand at writing robots and create programs that will perfectly complement your trading strategy. You can test the results with a special Welcome bonus of $ 15 from The conditions can be found on the broker's official website

Choose the most profitable trading strategy for yourself and will take care of providing the suitable conditions

• Instant execution speed of 200-300 ms. ECN / STP technology with the largest liquidity providers ensures high-speed execution of orders at the best price.
• Some of the lowest spreads in the Forex industry. is one of the TOP 5 ECN / DMA brokers with the tightest spreads and the lowest commission on the Forex market - spreads from 0.
• Minimum deposit of only 50 USD, leverage of up to 1: 500 allows trading and earning real profit to almost everyone.
• Slippage protection. A built-in mechanism in the MT4 terminal that allows you to make profit and save your deposit when the price changes sharply.
• No trading restrictions. allows all trading strategies: robots, scalping, hedging / locking, etc.

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How to start making money on Forex without opening a single trade?

During the pandemic, the Forex market confidently takes one of the leading positions in making money online and is attracting more and more attention. At the same time with the Forex affiliate program you do not have to be a professional trader or make large deposits in order to build your own system of earnings on the market. Learn how to start earning money as a partner even without experience.

The affiliate program is a system of rewards for each closed transaction by a referral: on an STP account in the amount of 2.4 pips, on ECN or Crypto accounts - of 15% commission. The multi-level partnership system provides additional commission. Detailed information on partner's remuneration and the multi-level partnership system is available on the official website.

How to start making money on Forex without trading experience?

Step 1. Register your account in

Registration process will take only a few minutes of your time and consists of several steps. On the main page of the official website click the "Open Account" button, which is located in the upper right corner, as shown on the screenshot below.

Step 2. Creating a personal IB-link (referral link) in client personal area

In order to create your referral link you must log in to your Personal area on the official website and select “Affiliate program” - “Referral links” on the control panel at the top, as shown on the screenshot.

You will be given a ready-to-use IB link script. In the same section of your Personal area you will be able to track all your referrals, as well as your remuneration received as a result of their trading.

Step 3. Active use of link and attracting new referrals

You can use your IB link in the way that suits you best. It can be used in communication on specialized forums - for instance, by placing it in your forum profile as a signature so that the link is always within eyeshot. Or you can place the link in your email signature. In addition, if you have your own website or blog, you can leave the link there in the most prominent place to attract more attention to it. does not set any limits on how you can attract referrals.

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FAQs of Spring 2020 at

This spring turned out to be quite difficult not only for global markets, but also for traders around the world. The protracted quarantine period provided many questions to our company. Today has collected the most popular questions and is ready to answer them!

Question: Are you planning to suspend work due to the pandemic? / Is going into quarantine?
Answer: continues to provide services in full. Traders are provided with the same favorable conditions - possible changes are always announced on the official website and in the respective thread on the forum. In addition, the company strives to further improve our services, even during a pandemic.

Question: Over the past few months, the market has often been "worrying" against the news background. What conditions does offer for news trading?
Answer: Since works in accordance with the ECN model and cooperates only with large liquidity providers, the company ensures high speed of order execution at the most favorable prices for traders. As news trading is often accompanied by widening spreads, it is also important to note that is one of the TOP-5 brokers with the tightest spreads and lowest commissions. You earn - we take control of the spreads!

Question: How fast will the money be credited to my account after I place a withdrawal request?
Answer: If a request is submitted before 17:00 on working days, it will be processed on the same day, except for weekends and holidays. Withdrawal time also depends on the chosen payment method: bank transfers take 3-5 working days, electronic payment systems - up to 24 hours. Please note that when you fund your account with a credit card, withdrawals can only be made in 30 days after the last deposit.

Question: How can I get a Welcome Bonus? And what are the conditions for withdrawing profits from the account?
Answer: Any client who opens an STP account with the company for the first time after September 1, 2015 can receive a welcome bonus. After opening an account please contact the broker via online chat on the official website or through a personal manager. After that you will be required to send a trading account statement from a previous broker showing a deposit of at least $ 50 during the last year. The bonus is credited to a trading STP account and is available for trading on the real Forex market. All profits are available for withdrawal.

Attention! The bonus is not available to residents of Nigeria, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Question: Is it profitable to trade cryptocurrency during a pandemic?
Answer: Each trader should make an individual decision on which instrument is most suitable for the chosen trading strategy in the framework of the current situation on the markets. However, offers the most favorable conditions for cryptocurrency trading, regardless of what is happening in the world. It allows you to earn money in any scenario. traders gain access to a wide variety of cryptocurrencies in pairs with bitcoin, dollar and euro. Trading is performed on an ECN-type account and the minimum deposit is only $ 10.

If you still have any questions please send them by e-mail at or via online chat on the company's website. wishes all clients more successful trading days and summer profits!!