Forinvest competition = new way of scam ?!


dear all... sorry if I missplaced this case.. but I hope someone here can find a solution or at least could become an early warning for those who join the Forinvest Forex Competition.

My name is Sihar Hasibuan and I'm one of the winner (3rd place) in Forinvest Competition Round 28. printscreen at

After the final result notification, as required, I sent them all my details. Then they create me a new prize account contain US$2000 balance. But not active (can not use to trade). This account can be use only if I already paid the fee, US$ 176.4, to them.

Then I try to negotiate with them to substract the fee from the prize balance. They said it can not be like that. Okay, then I request their bank account details. But they answered with : "Minimum Deposit / withdrwal by wire transfer is US$ 500".

Okay.. no problem.. so I replied with this :

"I see.. then I will pay the fee US$176.4 along with new deposit US$500. The total money I will send will be US$676.4. If I'm not mistaken right now there is promotion 50% bonus deposit at forinvest. So I will expect the new prize account balance will be US$2,750.00 right?
Ok then please provide Forinvest banking details. I will transfer the money tomorrow in the morning. I'm sorry to make you busy but wire transfer the only methode I can fund / withdraw as Credit Card from Indonesia to foreign transaction need more clarification on security so much hassle."

They reply me with this: (so fishy btw :) )
"Dear Mr. Sihar,
Thank you for your email.

We do suggest you to pay via Liberty Reserve as all Indonesian clients do.
Liberty Reserve is an instant payment method, you can buy Liberty Reserve
balance with a local deposit in Indonesia; "

then i answered by this:
"I dont want to pay by liberty reserve. There is no Law Protection in my country for it. For 10-20 USD is okay for me by liberty reserve. But this is about quite a big money. I only will pay and deposit by wire transfer. as I stated in my last email according to your website, okay I will send the fee along with new deposit by WIRE TRANSFER only to Forinvest Bank Account."

This is their last email:
"Dear Mr. Sihar,
Thank you for your email.

We do not care of what your lawyer may advise, we do care of ours.
You cannot deposit any other amount to your prize account, it should be
the prize of $2000 only.
The amount of $176.4 should be settled before February 7, 2011, otherwise;
the prize will be declined.

Kind Regards

Janet Dane
ForInvest Group"

As i emailed them to give me their bank account details so I can pay the fee including the deposit by wire.. but they instead suggest me to use liberty reserve where the sender can not do anything after the money sent. A new way of scam? to create competition, then the winner pay the fee by liberty reserve, the balance is just simply a digits but you cant wd them to real money? I dont know.. but this is so strange.. what they are affraid about giving the bank details as is also a method of payment (as stated at their website) I dont care about the prize.. the only reason I join their competition is to having fun and test my system. But be careful for those who join this broker competition..

sihar hasibuan
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I've never heard of ANY broker requiring a fee or a separate deposit to collect the prize in a trading contest.

Sounds like ForInvests is getting desperate. They don't even want anyone to know what bank they use. That will make it easier for them to disappear with all the money.

The FPA already caught them telling lies and scamming other clients. You should read this thread to see just what an amazing group of people they are:

Don't send a single penny to those scammers.


the IP address use by then to send me all the email is X-Originating-IP:

I dont know this may help or not.. as this "cyber security" things is not my field :)


Walk away Sihar, use the skills you must have had to win the contest and make your own $2000 somewhere else. Anybody that wants money to claim money is very likely a scammer. Walk away and keep your $176 and start a trading account at a reputable broker.


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The IP you gave links back to a web hosting service in Houston. They seem to offer a virtual desktop to customers. That would allow a customer to login to the system from anywhere in the world and claim to be in Houston. A lot of review spammers use it. One ForInvests rep at the FPA claimed to be in Houston, even though all other evidence showed the company to be in Egypt.

If you are a client in the USA, please contact the CFTC as soon as possible. You'll find them on this list...

If you are outside the US, see if you can find out who deals with internet fraud in your country.