FundedNext Press Releases (with helpful comments by shills)


FundedNext Representative
Greetings, traders!

I am Abdullah Jayed, CEO of FundedNext. We are a new proprietary firm by the digital business group
NEXT Ventures, launching on 18th March, 2022.

Throughout my journey of working closely with trading communities, I have always thought of
empowering the traders financially. With that intention in mind, we, FundedNext, are in the market to
fund global traders with up to $200,000 as of the initial capital. Moreover, to maximize traders' profits,
we have planned to scale up their account to $4 million and provide up to 90% profit share.

What is FundedNext?

For years, NEXT Ventures has collaborated with traders and market analysts to develop technologically
advanced solutions for the trading community and various financial organizations.

We have rigorously worked with privately funded traders for 1.5 years to test out our vision for resolving one of the core issues for the traders, funding capital. Seeing the vast potential and traders' enthusiasm, we have planned to launch FundedNext, the ultimate proprietary firm for all kinds of traders worldwide.

What will FundedNext be offering?

FundedNext will be offering fully funded accounts with an initial balance of up to $200,000. Traders can
start earning profit from the assessment phase of their trading days because we are not holding you
back with your trading strategies. And we're definitely not imposing any silly rules to restrict your

Keep an eye here as well on our social media pages for more upcoming updates of FundedNext.


FundedNext Representative
Fundednext- What Is It Offering To The Global Traders?

One day is left until the grand launching of the new proprietary firm, FundedNext. Operated from South Asia, this brand new funding opportunity is in the race to share maximum profit with their lucky traders.
By now, FundedNext has already revealed its funding program and profit distribution structure under two different models. Let’s see what are the features that FundedNext has come up with,

● 2 Funding Models:
FundedNext has designed two funding programs to search for the most skilled and diverse global traders. Express and Evaluation Model. There are two distinct but very doable assessment phases outlined in the models. For Express, traders need to pass one assessment phase, and the traders of the Evaluation model will have to pass through two phases to get a real funded account.

Up To A $200,000 Initial Account Balance: Traders of Express models will get a maximum of $100,000. Whereas, traders of the Evaluation model will get the change to be funded up to $200,000 as of the initial capital balance.

$4 Million Scales Up Plan: After each 4-month cycle of profitability while trading on their funded account, traders account will grow by 40% as a part of FundedNext’s scale up plan. This increment will continue until the $4 million account balance.

15% Profit Share From The Get-Go: Can you imagine getting a profit share while trading on a demo account? And that is 15%? Yes, you are reading it right. Wait for more profit distribution information.

Up To 90% Profit Share: As a reward for their hard work and trading skills, FundedNext funded traders will be eligible for a 90% profit share.

24/7 Customer Support: FundedNext has a 24/7 available support team for any queries from the traders community.

A Dedicated Account Manager: For each and every trader, there will be one dedicated account manager assigned. This manager will assist and monitor the traders' trading accounts and resolve any technical errors they may face.

Fastest Account Creation & Payment Disbursement: FundedNext is preparing itself for the fastest account creation. In the proprietary field, it takes between 2 to 3 days to create the trader's account. However, with FundedNext, traders will receive their account instantly after
they sign up for a subscription.

With any type of trading discipline and strategies, we are willing to fund diversified traders. Visit
FundedNext for detailed information.


FundedNext Representative
Grand Launching of FundedNext : New Proprietary is in the Market
The big day has arrived. FundedNext has launched their Prop Trading Program, which allows global traders to profit with no risk. They revealed their two funding models two days prior to this date. Within the first hour of the preview, the FundedNext website got a few thousand visitors.

FundedNext is giving new traders a 10% discount on their subscription fees if they sign up in the first 72 hours of the company’s being launched.

Coupon Code: LAUNCH10

Traders from all over the world are engaging in the social media pages of FundedNext. They have been patiently waiting for this day for a long time. FundedNext is offering 2 funding models with very doable and achievable assessment phases. Traders will be gaining a profit of 15% from the very beginning of the trading journey with them. Moreover, they will share up to 90% of the profits with the profitable traders after they successfully pass the assessment phases.

Get funded with up to $200,000 in funding capital and a $4 million scale-up amount from FundedNext.

Let’s welcome this new proprietary firm, FundedNext.


FundedNext Representative

FundedNext: Two Funding Models for All Kinds of Traders

Just the day before the market closes on Friday, March 18th, 2022, NEXT Ventures has launched their proprietary firm, FundedNext, for global traders to get funded and profit limitlessly.

FundedNext has shown two ways to get money, called Express and Evaluation, for a wide range of traders based on how good they are at trading. We’ll talk about the two models today and what they have to provide and what they require as well.

Express Model:

With this model, you can get,
  • The initial balance ranges from $15,000 to $100,000.
  • 15% withdrawable profit from the very beginning (even trading with the demo account).
  • 60% profit share from the moment you receive the funded account.
  • The profit will increase with every withdrawal; from 60% to 75% to 90%.
  • After meeting the 10% account growth target, the capital will be increased by 40%.
  • No time limit to reach your target.
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Flexibility to use all kinds of trading strategies.
  • Refundable subscription fees
What you are required to do with the Express model,
  • Maximum Daily Loss 5%.
  • Maximum Overall Loss 10%.
  • A minimum of ten trading days are required.

Evaluation Model, you can get,
  • Bi-weekly withdrawal on request
  • Initial balances ranging from $15,000 to $200,000
  • 15% profit from the very beginning (even trading with the demo account).
  • 80% profit share from the moment you receive the funded account.
  • The profit will increase to 90% on the second withdrawal after the first scaleup.
  • 40% capital increase after reaching the 10% account growth target with the real account
  • A dedicated account manager
  • flexibility to use all kinds of trading strategies.
  • Refundable subscription fees
What you are required to do with the Evaluation model,
  • Maximum Daily Loss 10%.
  • Maximum Overall Loss 20%.
  • A minimum of ten trading days are required.
  • Time limit
: 10% profit target within 4 trading weeks.

: 5% profit target within 8 trading weeks

Both of the models offer 40% capital growth while reaching 10% account growth. And this growth will keep rising until $4 million. Moreover, they are giving balance-based drawdown limits for both of the models. Get funded with FundedNext.


FundedNext Representative
Hello, everyone.
We are back again with amazing information that you might have missed in the pile of opportunities that we, FundedNext, are offering.

Did you know that if you choose FundedNext, you can earn 15% from the very beginning of your trading journey?

Oh, you must be wondering if this is just another scam of self-promotion. But wait till you read the full story.
From the beginning of considering starting a proprietary firm, one of our main concerns was that every proprietary firm offers great financial opportunities, but you Have to Wait for at least THREE MONTHS to see the light of profit and money on your hand.

So we took full advantage of it.

We are offering a WITHDRAWABLE 15% PROFIT SHARE while TRADING on your DEMO ACCOUNT with the EXPRESS Model

Yes, you are reading it right. If you subscribe to our express model, you can withdraw 15% of the profit you make in a month while you trade with a demo account. This is the first time in the industry of proprietary firms.
With the Evaluation model, you can withdraw your 15% profit share earned from the demo trading, on the first withdrawal after you receive the funded account.

Then, are you sure you are not wasting time without joining FundedNext?


FundedNext Representative
A month has passed, and as promised, FundedNext has finally begun to share the profit with its eligible traders.
With the FundedNext Express Model, successful traders have earned a 15% profit during their assessment period. To be eligible for the withdrawable profit share with FundedNext during the assessment period, there are some strict and flexible rules to follow.


  1. With the Express Model, you can only withdraw 15% of your profits during your assessment period.
  2. You have to be in profit throughout your trading journey.
  3. Until you grow your account by 25%, you will be trading with the demo coconut and will earn a 15% withdrawable profit each month.
  4. You cannot breach any rules or regulations while trading.
  5. Payout methods include Perfect Money, USDT/Tether, BTC, Deel (Bank Transfer, Coinbase, PayPal, Payoneer, Revolut, Wise, Deel Card).
No other proprietary trading firm is offering a 15% withdrawable profit share to its traders during their assessment period. That is why, undoubtedly, FundedNext is getting unwavering attention from the global trading community.
Moreover, creating a discord server for the thousands of their traders to communicate with each other has created a buzz amongst the traders. Let's see what more FundedNext has yet to reveal.

Andrew Beg

Shill for FundedNext
I am not getting your express model scale up plan. Kindly direct me to a more elaborated explanation.


FundedNext Representative
I am not getting your express model scale up plan. Kindly direct me to a more elaborated explanation.
For both models, express and evaluation, our scale-up
Be consistent and don't breach any rules.
In a four-month cycle, grow your account by 10% and withdraw twice.
In the last month, you must be in profit.
Finally, your account capital must not be lesser than the initial account balance.
Our scale-up Reward: 40% account balance increments up to $4 million.


Shill for FundedNext
Hi I am interested in your evaluation model. I am trying to contact with your support team but they are not so responsive. Kindly check my msg.