Fxgrant Scam!


FXGRANT suspend my real account after I used EA and make profit!
They investigate it for more than one month and only I got the same answer from support.
It is very frustrated from broker who welcome scalpers and EA trading.

yes when the market & the broker is against you its a nightmare

at least focus on the strategy from your ea and use one of the very big banks

they have to pay .. trust me
Support chat from 25/8

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'FX Grant Customer Service'

FX Grant Customer Service: Hello, how may I help?

martin: hi, my account is suspended 2 weeks and under investigation. I sent to support 2 email with request for more details. No reply!

martin: It takes too long and I'm really fed up

FX Grant Customer Service: Please let me check the status

FX Grant Customer Service: What is your account number?

martin: 15389

FX Grant Customer Service: Currently our internal security department is checking what software was used. It believes, that you used the software which abused our servers. If you could provide more details about this software, we could solve the issue faster. This is all I can tell

martin: no

FX Grant Customer Service: Ok, sir. This is all I can tell

martin: I use regular EA

martin: And I want my money back

martin: if not, this will be posted on FPA as a cheating company

martin: ok

FX Grant Customer Service: If you could provide the details of the software, we could solve the issue faster. This is the reply from the dept I've got.

martin: I say again, you welcome EA and scapling!

martin: and I used one

martin: now I want my money back

martin: understood?

FX Grant Customer Service: When you signed up, you agreed with the clause in agreement which states, that FxGrant may suspend the account in case of abusive software usage.

FX Grant Customer Service: this is the case now, sir. If you wish to cooperate please send us the full details of the software you used

martin: FAPTURBO

martin: FAPTURBO First Real Money Forex Trading Robot | Automated Forex Trading on AutoPilot

martin: now I want my money back

FX Grant Customer Service: ok, thank you very much. I will pass this information to our internal security, and they will keep investigating

martin: I will wait till Friday for your reply

FX Grant Customer Service: ok, sir

FX Grant Customer Service: noted
If they don't straighten this out, make sure to notify FapTurbo support that FxGrant considers their software to be abusive.
I have traded with them, not with FapTurbo, but another one - overdrive. Had no problem with trading itself
and withdrawal of funds was ok.