G'day Im Boris


Hi all

I Just saw the post that new members should say Hi ....and stuff....

I've been interested in forex, seriously for only a short time I guess. I been interested in creating some wealth for a long time. I had a house for a few years, but sold it. I was thinking of going down the path of buying as many houses as possible and selling half to pay off the rest in say 15 years time......but somewhere along the line I decided to sell up and actually have a life :). Then the next fad I had in the last few years was options....Anyway I ended up investing in the share market in the epic bull market. Feeling the uncertainty in the air I got out of most of my positions.....just to jump back in maybe 2 years ago or so when prices were way lower.... and I guess I am just sick of tired an waiting for the rest of the world to just cheer up and stop being so EMO and for that to reflect on the stock market.........and still I wait. haha the world needs to cheer up...and because they aren't( hopefully for the time being), I will just have to go make some progress somewhere else - hopefully here in forex. And for the best part...it seems more fun and challenging.

So this is why I am interested in Forex. probably, "the" only market where I can learn something as its possible to watch it live for a few hours after work. there seems to be many, Many opportunities to make some pips I also like it because it seems you dont have to make many to make a good percentage per month/year.

So that's were Im coming from. I'm taking a long term approach and look forward to learning how to generate a second income, and making good profits. Hopefully in years to come I can build a reasonable account and generate a significant income. I'm lucky as time is on my side being late 20's.

So anyways All, thanks for having a site such as this. I have read about it in other forums and this seems to be the place to go. Posts from some traders who are successful said they have started here. So I look forward to learning and the journey.


Have a good one.


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