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A company that does not have a brokerage license and does not want to verify a client with such a huge list of documents should be on the black list of scammers!


Arnis Slapelis

Do you know the country of their registration? Four years ago I was in a very similar situation myself. The scammer was registered in one of these off-shore zones and of course they were not regulated by any US, European, Asian or Australian regulatory body. However there was a small local regulatory body in the country of registration. For the scammer that was the only way to register this kind of activity in that particular country and that was the place where I found some help. Just do not give up because that is what all these scam businesses are built on.


A quick look at their website shows NO information about who or where they are regulated or licenced. The company is all offshore, quote:

© 1997-2018, Forex Club International Limited

The Financial Services Center, PO Box 1823, Stoney Ground,
Kingstown, VC0100, St. Petersburg. Vincent & the Grenadines

Payment agents of Forex Club International Limited, which includes: Holcomb Finance Limited (1087 Nicosia Cyprus), Lexmonia Limited (3032 Limassol, Cyprus), Libertex International Company Limited (Kingstown, St.Vincent & the Grenadines).

This is clearly a scam outfit and their multiple requests for more documents is purely a delaying tactic. These documents (if needed) should have been requested and verified before any money was deposited. I doubt if you will get any money back from them as the purpose of the scam is to steal as much money from people as possible before closing down and re-opening under a different name. The money shown in your account on their website is not real money, just a number. You were most likely NOT trading the LIVE markets but actually trading against their own computer so they can control trades to win or loose as they please. There are many of these scam outfits on the web, CFD, Forex, Cryptocurrency and of course Binary Options! They all work the same and refuse to let customers withdraw funds (because the funds don't exist), and are unregulated and unlicensed. GUILTY!


How to file a case in fpa court m victim of REMOVED and i want to file a case on them but i am not getting any link plz send link help me to file a case i lost my 28000$

FPA Forums Team Note: This thread is about an issue with FxClub. Mixing the name of an unrelated company into the thread will make it harder for people to find information specific to each company.

If you've been scammed by any company, start here...


The company is registered offshore, has no regulation. I do not think law enforcement will help me.

Giving up on the authorities because "they won't do anything" is exactly what the scammers want you to do. Ask your bank and local police about where to report online fraud and other cybercrimes in your country.

You can also file all your evidence with They share information with police and regulators around the world. Even if your country doesn't investigate, the evidence you upload may end up being the last piece of the puzzle needed for some other agency to take action to shut them down.

And, based on the profound silence from FxClub, my vote is GUILTY!


Law enforcement should help you .. fraud and embezzlement are criminal charges and international fraud goes to a higher level. Find out from your local law enforcement how you proceed in that light. Go past where the company is registered. Do a corporate search and find the owner's names and address .. find out where they are. Go after the fraud departments of the law enforcement where they live against them personally as well.


FxClub Representative
The request for withdrawal for accounts №№ 720225214 and 1805371080 has been completed. Best regards, Forex Club


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
I have invited Specktor back to his thread in Scam Alerts. I hope he confirms receiving the money.


The request for withdrawal for accounts №№ 720225214 and 1805371080 has been completed. Best regards, Forex Club
Dear FxClub staff. Due to the fact that I regularly receive a lot of transfers, and you have deleted my account, I can’t check if there was a transfer from your company. Please send a statement of your bank account from which the transfer was sent, with the details of your company. Otherwise, I find it difficult to identify the translation.