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Info Has anyone heard of or used Ayla Recoup to help recover $ from a scammer?

Asking questions about a company


Was wondering if anyone has experience with Ayla Recoup (Aylarecoup.com) to help them recover scammed funds. I would love to hear about your experience. I'm trying to recover profits from a scam site. Trust Pilot has all positive reviews. Thanks a million! Literally!!
Red flags all over it.

Claims 11 years experience, but the domain was first registered on 2022-11-12. Despite not being online in 2022, their testimonials currently have one claiming to have gotten money back in July of 2020.

The whole site is long on promises and incredibly short on details.

The postal address on the site (put NOT the phone number) correlates to a registered compant known as Ayla Capital Management. That appears to be a legitimate company (founded in 2020), and it is not in the recovery business. I have noticed more recovery room scammers trying to steal some credibility by hijacking the name and postal address of a legitimate company.

If you REALLY feel you have to check them out, mail an actual letter to:

3311 S LA CIENEGA BLVD #1105

Or, call them at the number from their SEC filing ( reports.adviserinfo.sec.gov/reports/ADV/309102/PDF/309102.pdf ).

Ask them if they know anything about this alleged Ayla Recoup service. Come back and tell every whatever response you get.

Overall, I think the Aylarecoup.com site looks like a textbook example of a generic recovery room scam site.

Instead of wasting your time on a recovery service (99.99+% of which are pure scams designed to remove even more money from your wallet), you'll have a far better chance of finding justice and perhaps getting your money back by opening a Problem thread in this folder and by following the instructions here:

Fighting Back Against Scam

Follow the instructions and you can make whoever scammed you wish they hadn't.
I contacted the number from their SEC filing and the they confirmed to me that they actually know of this company