Hello all

Hello AL FPA Users. I am here to learn about Forex automated trading. I want to know more about EA.
Welcome to FPA mate.

Check the below few links to get more knowledge about the Forex.
As you are new to Forex World I`ll strongly suggest you to start your Forex career by learning about what is Forex and How its works.

Take a look at this link Forex Military School and start your Forex Journey (improve Forex knowledge)

There are a few articles written by Pharaoh on some subjects you might find useful (broker selection, avoiding scams, etc.). You'll find most of them here:


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Questions about the FPA? CLICK HERE and find answers in the FPA FAQ and Knowledge Base.

Automatic trading is done by using trading robots as they are well designed to execute the trades automatically according to its design and your strategic algorithm. I hope you will find more suggestions as well from other members. Best of luck!