Hello from dry South Carolina (as in drought)


Have read a lot of posts on Forex Bastards over the last 4-5 months and found them interesting and educational. Also, have followed Felix's signals on the old format for the last 4 months, but am still trying to get the gist of everything and how to interpret it all. Have been interested in forex for the last 12-15 months, but haven't put in the time to understand it enough to grasp it or especially, put money on the line. I hope to get a better understanding in the next 2-4 months as I put in the time and commitment to make it happen. It's like any education, you must make the commitment to do it and then put in the time to understand what you've committed to. Some of the concepts in this arena are difficult for me to grasp during my initial introduction due to my opposite brained mentality, but I do enjoy the challenge of trying to "get it". Who knows, in 3-5 years I may have "gotten it".
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