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Problem HONG KONG SELEAD cleaned out my account while I was asleep

I am having an issue with a company
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Thanks, does that mean the trial is paused until 24 May?
Are any more details about the trial available publicly?
It didn't even get off the ground today. Prosecution are still awaiting evidence from the police and there are now 4 co accused who want to have the matter heard under one case so 2 different police departments need to merge their evidence. Therefore it was decided by the judge to move it to the 24th of March to commence.
If you read the article I posted previously you will see that there were 4 separate arrests made regarding this particular matter. 2 were 19yo mules who opened bank accounts and 2 older scum who were from Hong Kong Mafia and directing operations here. They are all termed as "co-accused" in legal parlance here.
There is an active investigation of this scam by the Australian Federal Police. If you are a victim from Australia, please see the thread below for more details.