increase or decrease ?


Hi there .. when i buy some lots of a pair what that will effect on the pair .. i mean buying will increase the pair or decrease it ?:confused:


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effect is to your account at close of position

The only effect is to your account at close of position. If the buy is prior to a move up and you close out you profit. In actuality you have bought the one and sold the other at the same time. There may be an increase in demand on the pair but only if you are at size - is big vorld.;)


1st i d like to thank u v much for ur reply
i notice that when i sell a pair i mean maybe only 2 lots the pair go up for 2 pips :eek: is that real ?


Hi HouSSmak,

At the end of the day price doesn't care what you do - it will move the way it wants to whehther you buy, sell or do nothing.

In saying that, some brokers (bucketshops) will watch what you do and automatically move against you to increase their profit on the pip spread.

Hope this helps - Happy Trading! :)


Better to do some in-depth research on a broker before signing up in order to avoid the Forex Bastards.